Sacred life of the Earth

The past weeks course was an exploration into the known unknown. What do I mean by this?

Well, a few of the topics we dived into during the course were aspects and some phenomena I had previously experienced but had not named and was not confident enough to strongly stand by. Especially in this world where many are reluctant to believe you when you do not come with scientific facts. Where proof and evidence is required in order to validate your experience or thoughts.

I can’t possibly write this without going into our contributor’s biography. He in himself is a wonder of the earth in my opinion. His name is Marko Pogačnik (description on YIP contributor page) and he is from Slovenia. His accent thick and convincing. I did some reading about him and found out that he is the mind and hands behind the design of the Slovenian Coat Of Arms. WOW!

He is an artist an author as well as a sculptor.

Here is a short clip of him speaking at New York University in March 2008

He has also developed a method of earth healing which is similar to acupuncture, it is called “Lithopuncture”. One website describes Marko as “…a Slovenian artist and healer who practices lithopuncture, a kind of acupuncture on the power points of Earth. It involves piercing stone slabs with signs, or cosmograms and placing them at the borders of fields and forests…”  (see more here)

Marko has also written a lot of books, lots as in over 12 books (I stand corrected but I think it’s around 20 books). He does his writing during winter which he describes as a time when nature is sleeping. He writes a book each winter. 

The field of geomancy and earth healing is a fascinating one.

We had the opportunity of going out into nature and doing some exercises which would bring what he speaks of into reality, something more tangible and easier to draw a deeper understanding from.

I will describe what I personally experienced through the exercises.

One of the exercises included going to a nearby piece of open field where the Vikings were settled long ago. We visited 3 different rocks  (all huge in size). Each rock was in a different area from each other but within walking distance in the same forest. The forest was beside the open field. He asked us to find a spot anywhere around the different rocks. He asked us to concentrate around the rocks.

[Source of Image]

My experience of the different rocks was as follows:

First rock – I found a comfortable spot in the sun, this made it easier to let go and allow the journey to happen. I struggled to feel or connect with the rock itself, however, I could feel very clearly the presence of everyone around me. Almost that I could point out precisely where every single one of us was sitting without opening my eyes. I also felt a heavy pulsating in my lips. It felt like my heart was beating my my lips. I enjoyed that feeling, like something was flowing through my blood. The energy being transmitted was horizontal.

Second rock – I felt less comfortable at the 2nd rock, I felt cold and almost unwelcome, like I was intruding on a space or area that I was not meant to be in. The rock seemed to be channelling energy from the top of it (which was a pointed peak). It seemed to be giving out energy. The vision that came to me was of much activity in the form of sun or light rays entering and leaving the stone through that very tip. The point at the top of the rock. The energy being transmitted was vertical.

Third rock – I fell in love with the third rock, it was a “friendly” rock. It was warm, and welcoming. I could describe it like a creature that wanted to embrace me. It was asking for me to come closer. As everyone left I approached the rock and, as though it was made for me, there was a spot that I was naturally drawn to laying on. I climbed up onto the rock and lay my whole body, face up on the rock. I fit perfectly. It was very comfortable and cosy. Like the rock was my friend. I felt slightly sad to leave the rock. The energy here was all -encompassing in my opinion. But more horizontal than vertical. I want to return to that stone to camp and sleep beside it.

It was easy to identify what I had experienced for sure, after we had been to all the rocks. Because then I could compare the experiences. They were all distinctly different.

On one of the days we did a nature walk and experienced different elemental beings in different parts of the landscape around here.

My favourite experience on this day was communicating with Oak trees. The place we did this was so beautiful, I have a mental picture of that very special place. I know I will return to it for a picnic in summer under those giant oaks.

In this week we also explored the concept of masculine and feminine qualities in nature so we also did some exercises on the grounds of YIP. We went to experience and communicate with 2 different kinds of trees which were directly next to each other.

[Source of Image]

Birch trees and apple trees.

Birch trees look really tall and bare and were close to each other kind of like a family – they looked really somewhat feminine from afar.

The Apple trees looked very individual and hard. They had quite a bit of space in between each of them. They seemed a lot more masculine and commanding.

With both trees, I decided to look away (this was a method that Marko had suggested for the Oak trees, saying that it is best to look away in order to allow the tree to be itself).

The birch trees – I closed my eyes and looked away, my arms and hands held up to the branches of the tree. I had a feeling/vision of reluctance and caution, like a little thin vine-like branch coming down to my wrist and wrapping itself around my wrist. Only one wrist though. I don’t remember which one. It was a cold experience. I remember feeling bored and dissatisfied and so I moved on to the apple tree. [Source of Image]

The Apple tree – I approached the tree and stood with my back to the trunk of the tree, immediately I felt a connection. Warm, welcoming, comforting. It was like the tree was asking me to come closer. I felt a “belt” of warmth wrap around my waist and belly. I felt comfortable and wanted.

These are all really strange experiences to relay. I can imagine what a hard time he has had attempting to explain to people the work that he does.

During the week we also had a day where he told us “fairy tales” such as Snow white and the 7 dwarfs, Little red riding hood as well as The princess and the frog with explanations of meanings from the angle of angelic and elemental beings.

There were a lot of terms which I may have used in this post (and that where used in the course in general) whose meanings are not commonly known.  So below I have provided a glossary which will clarify some of the meanings of the terms and also bring a better understanding to this world of geomancy, earth healing, cosmograms and holistic ecology.

Marko’s website can be visited here –> Marko Pogač

A link to a detailed description of work he did in South Africa –> The Sacred Landscape of Cape Town

Elemental beings – These are hard to define, (with my very limited knowledge) however, my definition would look something like this ” they are beings of the earth, powerful natural forces related to earth, air, water, fire as well as other natural elements”. In this book, you could read more and find out in more detail what their defining roles are. Click here for more information related to Devas, Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings.

Earth Healing – “… during the last few years I have developed my Earth Healing work (which is in my case a synergetic combination of ecology, art and spiritual approach to life) in following directions… writing books/articles and giving lectures…Collaborating with different schools of geomancy… lead workshops with places and landscapes to address their possible blockades/traumas…carving and erecting world-wide Geopuncture Circles to start the dialogue with the Earth’s noosphere …”

[Source of image]

Cosmograms – “…A cosmogram is a flat geometric figure depicting a cosmology. Some of them were created for meditational purpose. Mandalas are the best known cosmograms…”

Geomancy –  “…Geomancy ( Greek: γεωμαντεία, “earth divination”) is a method of divination that interprets markings on the ground or the patterns formed by tossed handfuls of soil, rocks, or sand…”; Another definition “…Simply geomancy is learning the language of the Earth…”

I will end this update by saying this, there are many many aspects of our waking, dreaming and spiritual worlds that we are yet to explore and so here is a statement I strongly agree with:

“Marco Pogacnik invites us to release ourselves from predjudice and open to the possibilty that there is more to life than what we can see with the physical eye or reason with the physical brain.” found here

Course Rating – 8/10


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