Initiative Forum

Initiative Forum is a week long event.

A gathering of people,

A collection of thoughts, ideas, emotions, actions,

A kind of Indaba,(Lekgotla in my language – Setswana)

A fertile ground for what needs to come up to come up,

A time that embraces play,

A response to an existing call,

A week of re-working the world,

A place of the rising of truth,

A catalytical powerful physical space,

A week of MAGIC

It is required for each YIP year to organise, co-ordinate and run this event. The process in itself is rigorous and demanding. Picture 40 young minds and hearts, from 18 different countries, coming from 40 different realities, with 40 different approaches, working together towards the SAME goal in the form of a week long forum.

Yes, tough, but surprisingly attainable. Here is a piece that a fellow Yippie and friend wrote regarding the process leading up to Initiative Forum. It is a weekly update of its own which can be found here.

Here is a well-made and beautiful video introduction and invitation to YIP4’s Initiative Forum:

Here is the Harvest from the week itself…(Be sure to click on the “HD” icon on the bottom right corner to ensure maximum viewing quality!)

Here are 2 posts I wrote related to this extravaganza.

The First one

The Second one

(Photos courtesy of Hannah Steenbergen: YIP participant 2010-2011 and Pieter Ploeg: YIP Organising Team, YIP participant 2010-2009)


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