Initiative Forum Preparation

The process of preparing for Initiative Forum is an interesting one, it encompasses all that YIP community life brings with it – conflicts, finding the middle ground, finding a language we can all relate to and understand, finding our little spot of comfort amongst all the madness, focusing on what needs to be done, having fun, being aware of the limitations that time brings (together with the benefits), working together, getting stuff done and supporting each other in this difficult process.

We had all just come back from our time away from each other all over the world, we carried with us all these invisible, yet very real, experiences and stories we had shared and not. These were slowly shared during this process of preparation for Initiative Forum.

One of my friends here at YIP ; Phillip Burroughs aka Phil aka Uncle Phil aka Burro; contributed a piece about the process of the preparation of IF. I read it again, now, after it has all come and gone (yet lingers in my heart and mental space) and I agreed with much of it. In fact all of it.

What strikes me most is this ” What IF we are brave enough to fully place our trust in those around us and walk into the unknown?

So here is a what he wrote about the preparation period.



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