International Internships

The International Internships are a 4 week journey to anywhere in the world (bar warzones).

Choosing a single place to visit for the purpose (which is chosen by the participant) is hard to do – as you can imagine. It was extremely difficult for me to decide upon a place and the process was rather strenous for most of us. Understandably.

I eventually settled – happily – on the South American gem called Bolivia.

The countries that were visited this year are:

Australia, India, Phillipines, Nepal, Italy, Scotland, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and my home country South Africa.

The experiences were varied and colourful. There are some Pecha Kucha presentations that we did for the public. I am hoping to get my hands on them and perhaps share them here.

We are all in the process of unpakcing the experience for future Yippies to look through. Mostly in the form of a book or something that they can use to get a feel for which organisations we visited, what we did there, how the experience was and anything else in between.

For now I am using this blog to unpack the experience. There is so much that I can share. I imagine I will be posting tit-bits and full on chunks for quite some time.

Here is the link to the page with subpages. It is a work in Progress.



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