Post Number 1 of 10

I went to the City Bowl Market on Hope last night and, as very often happens in this so called beloved “Mother” city (Cape Town), I am utterly shocked by the number of brown-skinned people in the room. I wonder what it will take to see a reflective diversity in the room, I feel ANGRY because it means that it is “the norm”, I feel jealous & frustrated that white people get to enjoy the city by night and others don’t, I feel annoyed that there’s bunting in the venue (fucking bunting & Cape Town events! It rubs me up the wrong way, even though it looks lovely…), it makes me resent markets – I will get to The Old Biscuit Mill in another post – it deserves it’s on vomiting on. That pretentious elitist shit hole excuse for a market.

Anyway, it makes me sad that this is our reality, my reality. I hate being asked where the bathrooms are (because off course I am black, I MUST be working there right? – well fuck you).

Cape Town, why are you called the Mother City when you are so cold and non-embracing of all your children? Why do you show favouritism? Do you even care?

I am sad that this makes me sad. I am sad that this is even a topic. Just general sadness. That’s all.

#TruthBeTold (Number 1 of 10)


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