#TruthBeTold Series

‪#‎TruthBeTold‬ is a series of curated opinions, observations & feelings, often related to difficult or uncomfortable topics. This is my official disclaimer for these one-a-day posts that will fall under this umbrella over the next 10 days. Disclaimer:
1.) The posts are Didintle Ntsie’s personal opinions based on:
1.1) Didintle’s current state of mind
1.2) Didintle’s understanding that the above-mentioned state of mind may change, which could cause an alteration in opinion
1.3) The belief that opinions & people lare best carved, moulded, shaped by other people sharing their own
1.4) Didintle’s particular lens which is made up of a wide range of elements and shades that make Didintle who she currently is
2.) This project is an experiment into what happens when I (or you, or we) share our unfiltered thoughts, opinions & experiences
3.) If you are not in the mood to see or read that which is stated in point number 2 expressed above, unfollow me now
4.) I would love this to be a space which encourages non-judgmental truths (yes, social media can be a space for both with a little effort it’s possible)
5.) Don’t take it personally. If you feel personally attacked let me know by expressing why you feel personally attacked
6.) This is a disclaimer
7.) This is an experiment in sharing my opinions as honestly as possible with the view to hear others that are similar or differ. If confused, refer to point 1.3
8.) I’m doing this because I truly believe it is important
9.) I see so much & process so much on a daily basis & this is a form of processing
10.) As usual please jump in, participate, do your own!11.) This pertains to all content with the #TruthBeTold Hashtag



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