Why you should say YES to the most impactful year of your life – study in Sweden…

The name of this blog rests completely on the reason for starting the blog. This blog was initially intended to be a portal of information and keeping in touch while I studied in Sweden at the International Youth Initiative Program. It has since evolved into a space of connection, sharing and a place that others that have studied there come for comfort, joy or the reminder of times gone by.

Today I received an email which announced that applications for the 7th year of YIP are now open.

yip-apply-now (CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW —> DEADLINE 15th MAY 2014!)

It is only now (about 2 years since completing my year of study) that I see the invaluable experience that YIP was. Since YIP I have seen my dreams and wishes come to life. Since YIP I have re-discovered myself and the power that Didintle Ntsie possesses. I have felt so inspired that there was no other way to live life but to live it as I have always wanted to. YIP offered me the fertile ground to plant seeds, nurture the plants that grew and take the fruits from that plant and share them in the world.

YIP has been the catalyst to me finding the best version of myself (an ongoing expedition…)

YIP is the reason I forgive, it is the reason I understand people better, it is the reason I am able to accept, it is the reason I am able to remember that there is nothing (and I mean that) that can stand in the way of me reaching my goals, dreams and desired outcomes.

It made real to me the truths I had whispered in my ear since I was born, that “anything is possible”


Since YIP I have been an important part of a team that co-founded an amazing global citizen-driven initiative called 100in1day Cape Town, I have also finally plucked up the courage to birth an idea I have had for over 4 years, it has come to this earth as The Travelling Speech Bubble. I am now working in an organisation that is forward thinking and impactful in it’s work. I am where I should be, and there are no doubts in my mind.

Since YIP I have begun writing a short story.

All these things because YIP reminded me that I could and I can.

Take some time to think about the things you would like to achieve.

Take a moment to think about the YOU that YOU would like to become.

Take a moment and think about a wall of mirrors that are all there to show you something about yourself.

Take a moment to do this for yourself, in order to better share yourself with others.

I humbly, warmly, lovingly invite you to apply to participate in the most enlightening year of your life with other phenomenal beings from all over the world.



2013 in review

Last year I received the same kind of report and decided to keep it private, this year I am doing things a little differently. Here is a summary of my Blog’s annual report!!

Thank you all for visiting this Blog and commenting and pulling me aside to discuss the contents in person and for all the private emails, messages and phonecalls. You are my fuel!

A super-special tack to “The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys” who prepared this 2013 annual report for my blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,700 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

My blogpost on the Orms Direct website!

This morning I went over to visit Mike and the team at Orms Direct. I look forward to going over there – everyone is so friendly and helpful and I just love being surrounded by photo-equipment and people who know about images. I love looking through the wide-variety of books on display! And the coffee, it makes me happy! Have a latte when you get there. It will make your experience even more enjoyable.

Mmeeting people in person is one of teh best things in life! I was lucky enough to meet the team (MissAnnelien and francoiswnel) that tweets and retweets and keeps the rest of the world up to date with what Orms has on offer.

I told tales of the trip whilst showing images to Mike and Jason. So much fun to relive those moments long gone by.

I also got to check out the print room located at 66 Roeland Street – what a GREAT space! The architecture, the way the light shines in there, the interior decor, the setup, the services on offer. I found myself lingering and not wanting to leave! Go check it out sometime, you’ll understand what I mean! The website is coming soon – but if I were you I would keep up to date by liking their newly started facebook page.

orms print room(This image was not taken by me – I procured it from their facebook page)

Here’s the blogpost  I wrote on the Orms Direct website. Keep abreast with the latest in the world of photography by following them on twitter and facebook – do yourself that favour.

Once upon a time in Belgium

Hi everyone,

Here is a link to the page I have dedicated to The Big Blog Exchange blog-swap and country swap.

Click here – Once upon a time in Belgium

And if you don’t already know, I made it onto the front page of a local Belgian Newspaper – how Epic!? (If you can speak or read Afrikaans, you will do fine understanding the article)


100in1day Cape Town – an urban tribe!

100in1day meetings always leave me feeling so energised. I feel like I step into my power in my fullest way. I have never had a single moment of doubt from the moment  I began working on the project (almost 6 months ago now! What?!)

100 in 1 day logo 2.1

Even when seemingly impossible tasks and methods where brought into my path, I never allowed myself doubt, only a second to close my eyes a deep breathe and a healthy dose of panic followed by boldly & (I’m certainly not the smoothest person this world has encountered however I would like to hope and think I did so gracefully too) stepping forward and putting my hands, mind, heart (and often voice) to good use at every turn and waking hour. It all felt so good!

{I’m sorry I can’t remember who took this photo, all the people I could think of are too busy jumping in the image in question!}

This Monday (at the Call For Team Members event) was a repeat of that same experience.  Except this time it had been a long time since I last opened the “100in1day Cape Town box”. We opened it at It’s a house – photographed below, located in De Waterkant.

It's a house

I was quite nervous, but once again, the people begin to trickle in and we do our beginning exercise which I have now begun calling the 100in1day ritual! And then a game or 2 and then the presentation starts and then I feel like I’m home again, amongst my people, my tribe. A urban tribe consisting of people that are dreamers that do or would like to be more like the dreamers that do, people that live in Cape Town and are itching to help co-create a more liveable and loveable city, people that operate from a beautiful place that is fuelled by all kinds of wonderful notions, beliefs and experiences. The kind of people that are the reason and power behind 100in1day’s sheer epicness (this word had to be used here).


This week we sat together in groups divided into the different organisational teams that brings a little working structure for 100in1day Cape Town. If you’re asking yourself what those are. Look no further than below here: (If you take a close look, you will notice that the Cape Town community is at the heart of the organisation and without that the structure lacks stability and simply doesn’t make sense! So the Cape Town community is crucial to the success and continuation of the initiative!)


There is a variety of your skills and talents you can put to great use; equally there lies a potential to flex some non-existent or struggling muscles that need and want some exercise.

A fertile soil for growth.

Here are some images I took(I’m a beginner photographer, so beginner I couldn’t bring myself to graduate myself to an amateur photographer)

Want to see more images of what went down? Well then, click here for an album posted on the 100in1day Cape Town Facebook Page with some really beautiful images snapped up by the talented and amazing Miss Meghan Sinesipho Daniels of Ilizwe Photo club.

There is a lot of potential for out-of-this-world developments and collaborations to come to life, that excites me deeply. It’s very exciting to have new hands on deck!

Keep your eyes glued to the 100in1day Website and Twitter @100in1daycpt for a more detailed status update and how you can get involved.

If you would like to get involved simply email team@100in1day.co.za

Dear 100in1day Cape Town, thank you for stoking my fire and for allowing me to do what I do best – start and ignite mini fires within people and my surrounds.

With gratitude from @TheDidiness

A day of inspiration and lots and lots of talking

I never thought I would say this (and genuinely mean it) I actually got tired of hearing my own voice today. After a day spent with 20 young aspiring bloggers aged 12 to 17 over at the IkamvaYouth winter school program hosted at UCT upper campus. Speaking, explaining and keeping my eye on the naughty few. And then hosting a workshop where part of the task was yelling ” ONE HUNDREDDDDD”  as loud as I possibly could followed by a presentation where I spoke and spoke and spoke. I was pretty much done.

Typing here silently is somewhat of a holiday to be honest.

This is what went down at The Travelling Speech Bubble Blogging workshops:

With heaps of love @TheDidiness

A child on her first day of school

Today marks the first day of a week of blogging workshops I will be hosting for the IkamvaYouth Winter School.

I am way more nervous than I anticipated. I mean, I have done these before in Khayelithsa but not at the winter school hosted at UCT and I suppose it’s the murkiness of the water that’s causing my slight anxiety (or perhaps my perception that the water is murky…)

I have a nifty camer which has been part sponsored by Orms and I feel more confident armed with my Nikon D3100. A big Thank you to Orms for this!

DSC_0012 DSC_0005Love from @TheDidiness