My work ignites me!

Since I have started working at my new job (which doesn’t feel so new at times) I have been completely stimulated by the conversations, insights and knowledge that I have been encountering.

I can not begin to describe how overflowing my cup is at this very moment. I feel like a school-child learning new things every single day. I didn’t think it would be possible to feel this way about my work. And to think hat I get paid to be here makes me even happier.

Let’s just say that since I have started working here I am realising more and more the importance of cities and their huge potential to become hubs of inclusivity, productivity and creative engagement. (Please note that I am fully aware that these words do very little to describe the kind of vibrant city I am speaking on, but they are all I have for now)

Here is a little video I cam across which gives a little glimpse into the kind of work that has been done in the city of Medellin in Colombia. I am a HUGE fan of what has happened in that city and how it has come about. Some of you know that I have put a lot of love and energy into 100in1day Cape Town as I see this a potential new form that could solve a lot of current global and local issues. Glocal solution finder 🙂

This is what I love about what has happened in Medellin

Please click this link to access the video on the Monocle website




Source of image – here


My words have power. So do yours…

This post was meant to be about my experience at Pecha Kucha Cape Town and how powerful words and sharing them is. But this morning I opened my facebook to find a wonderful message from a young lady from Hawaii who is going to be embarking on the  Social Entrepreneurship experience I have experienced on YIP in Sweden. The very experience that activated me to start this blog.

“Aloha Didi, My name is Kailea Frederick I am from Maui, HI and I am going to be participating in YIP this year ~ I just wanted to be sure to let you know that your blog on your YIP experience has proven to be such an extremely powerful tool for me. I myself had started a blog with the intention of chronicling my YIP experience for future Yippies, because I was having a hard time finding anything written online regarding personal experience in Jarna. I was so pleased when I stumbled upon your words, and have since used them in times of doubt when it seemed my YIP goal was out of reach. I have now started reading it as a way of preparation. I found it to be incredibly insightful. I appreciated how truthful you were in chronicling hard moments. It has been a great reality check!

The time you put into it, is so appreciated.

Mahalo, Kailea” 

Power of blogging

This note gave me a little pat on the back. I often wonder who reads my blog (apart from some really close friends) and what they get out of it. This reminds me of the power of our words and the power of sharing them. Also this highlights the power of blogging!

Check out her blog over here. Paying it forward.

The above image was taken years ago by my wonderful friend Nonku Phiri, lover, music-maker, artist, extra-ordinary female human soul.

My blogpost on the Orms Direct website!

This morning I went over to visit Mike and the team at Orms Direct. I look forward to going over there – everyone is so friendly and helpful and I just love being surrounded by photo-equipment and people who know about images. I love looking through the wide-variety of books on display! And the coffee, it makes me happy! Have a latte when you get there. It will make your experience even more enjoyable.

Mmeeting people in person is one of teh best things in life! I was lucky enough to meet the team (MissAnnelien and francoiswnel) that tweets and retweets and keeps the rest of the world up to date with what Orms has on offer.

I told tales of the trip whilst showing images to Mike and Jason. So much fun to relive those moments long gone by.

I also got to check out the print room located at 66 Roeland Street – what a GREAT space! The architecture, the way the light shines in there, the interior decor, the setup, the services on offer. I found myself lingering and not wanting to leave! Go check it out sometime, you’ll understand what I mean! The website is coming soon – but if I were you I would keep up to date by liking their newly started facebook page.

orms print room(This image was not taken by me – I procured it from their facebook page)

Here’s the blogpost  I wrote on the Orms Direct website. Keep abreast with the latest in the world of photography by following them on twitter and facebook – do yourself that favour.

100in1day Cape Town – an urban tribe!

100in1day meetings always leave me feeling so energised. I feel like I step into my power in my fullest way. I have never had a single moment of doubt from the moment  I began working on the project (almost 6 months ago now! What?!)

100 in 1 day logo 2.1

Even when seemingly impossible tasks and methods where brought into my path, I never allowed myself doubt, only a second to close my eyes a deep breathe and a healthy dose of panic followed by boldly & (I’m certainly not the smoothest person this world has encountered however I would like to hope and think I did so gracefully too) stepping forward and putting my hands, mind, heart (and often voice) to good use at every turn and waking hour. It all felt so good!

{I’m sorry I can’t remember who took this photo, all the people I could think of are too busy jumping in the image in question!}

This Monday (at the Call For Team Members event) was a repeat of that same experience.  Except this time it had been a long time since I last opened the “100in1day Cape Town box”. We opened it at It’s a house – photographed below, located in De Waterkant.

It's a house

I was quite nervous, but once again, the people begin to trickle in and we do our beginning exercise which I have now begun calling the 100in1day ritual! And then a game or 2 and then the presentation starts and then I feel like I’m home again, amongst my people, my tribe. A urban tribe consisting of people that are dreamers that do or would like to be more like the dreamers that do, people that live in Cape Town and are itching to help co-create a more liveable and loveable city, people that operate from a beautiful place that is fuelled by all kinds of wonderful notions, beliefs and experiences. The kind of people that are the reason and power behind 100in1day’s sheer epicness (this word had to be used here).


This week we sat together in groups divided into the different organisational teams that brings a little working structure for 100in1day Cape Town. If you’re asking yourself what those are. Look no further than below here: (If you take a close look, you will notice that the Cape Town community is at the heart of the organisation and without that the structure lacks stability and simply doesn’t make sense! So the Cape Town community is crucial to the success and continuation of the initiative!)


There is a variety of your skills and talents you can put to great use; equally there lies a potential to flex some non-existent or struggling muscles that need and want some exercise.

A fertile soil for growth.

Here are some images I took(I’m a beginner photographer, so beginner I couldn’t bring myself to graduate myself to an amateur photographer)

Want to see more images of what went down? Well then, click here for an album posted on the 100in1day Cape Town Facebook Page with some really beautiful images snapped up by the talented and amazing Miss Meghan Sinesipho Daniels of Ilizwe Photo club.

There is a lot of potential for out-of-this-world developments and collaborations to come to life, that excites me deeply. It’s very exciting to have new hands on deck!

Keep your eyes glued to the 100in1day Website and Twitter @100in1daycpt for a more detailed status update and how you can get involved.

If you would like to get involved simply email

Dear 100in1day Cape Town, thank you for stoking my fire and for allowing me to do what I do best – start and ignite mini fires within people and my surrounds.

With gratitude from @TheDidiness

One more sleep!

Tomorrow is the day the winners of The Big Blog Exchange competition are announced. The day has approached quicker than I thought it would have! I feel like a child before Christmas (back when my parents still made the effort to and had the means to get us gifts)…


While we wait to hear the news about who has won let me pass the time by giving you a little update of how things have been unfolding the last couple of days

FRIDAY – My first ever fundraiser for my little baby The Travelling Speech Bubble took place at The Woodstock Exchange in Cape Town. It was a beautiful gathering with lovely music and tasty treats by my friend Jade of EYHO Food Jams. It was a great way to see old familiar faces that I have been missing and also to explain the vision and mission to people in person. I walked away super exhausted but feeling very good about the future of The Travelling Speech Bubble. I have a deep-seated good feeling about this…


SATURDAY – Was a hectic day as I had to be up at 5am to work as a stylist for a music video that my friends were shooting in and around Cape Town. Waking up was quite painful especially considering that I had hardly slept after getting to bed around 2am after my event and I had begun getting really sick with a combination of flu, sinusitis/hay-fever and a throat infection. The shoot was fun and I realised how much I enjoyed working as a stylist, I get to use a different part of my brain and working so closely with people is such a pleasure. I get to know them in a different kind of way. We ended the night off by shooting on a bridge in Cape Town, which was rather difficult because we lost light and it was extremely cold and misty! But we persevered until all the shots were done. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product!

SUNDAY – I was woken up this morning by my friend who also happens to be my neighbour (something we discovered recently). She came to my room with coffee and red-velvet cup-cakes!!! What a gem! I couldn’t possibly be my normally grumpy morning grouch under such circumstances. It was the best possible way to be woken up from what felt like a coma. I spent the rest of the day sleeping and resting up, as this is going to be a demanding week as always.

TOMORROW – promises to be an exciting day, the market I help my friend run is happening tomorrow. It’s laundry day (which I enjoy), I enjoy getting up early, sorting all my laundry and washing  it! Yes I do! The best feeling is snuggling into bed with clean linen after taking a hot shower! More importantly, tomorrow the WINNERS OF THE BIG BLOG EXCHANGE WILL BE ANNOUNCED!!

Halala! I can’t wait 🙂

I’m a finalist! Big Blog Exchange!

The news is in, I have made it to be 1 of the top 100 finalists in The Big Blog Exchange contest. I’m elated. I have been practically living on The Big Blog Exchange website since I decided to enter. It was my best friend for the past couple of days and nights! Literally having breakfast, lunch and dinner with the contest in my face! All worth it though.

Thank you to every single one of you for voting and taking time to be part of it and getting your friends and family involved and thank you for all the encouraging words about how this blog has affected and contributed to your life! It feels good and keeps me going.

I have decided to create a page for The Big Blog Exchange where I have basically condensed my motivation for entering and why I want to win. Here is that page!

The contest has really gotten me thinking loads about the position South Africa holds in the continent. It has had me a little restless to be honest.

Here’s why – there were 25 potential spots for bloggers from Africa & The Middle East and South Africans have taken up 19 of those spots, the rest are occupied by 1 entrant from Nigeria, 2 entrants from Israel, 1 from Morrocco and 1 from Egypt (this is in no particular order).

This has left me questioning, tossing, turning and wondering, “Are South Africans the bullies of Africa?”

Furthermore, I am concerned about the diversity that is offered (rather, hindered) by the overwhelming number of South African entrants whom have made it to the top 25 (for the region of Africa & The Middle East). Hmmmm…

I’m happy I have made it to the top 100, however I am disturbed and am left with more questions about South Africa as a nation and it’s people in relation to the rest of the continent.

Vote! Pray! Love!

Friends! Fans! Family! and everyone in between!

I need your votes, your prayers and love 🙂

Click this link and vote.

There are 6 days left before the deadline on the 15th of April for the blog contest I entered 2 days ago. After that round 2 begins (we’ll deal with round 2 if round 2 rolls round for us! Which I hope it does!)

Voting takes less than a minute! Pinky-Promise (you know I take those seriously!)

Psssssttt… please forward the link to your neighbours (yes), mom-in-law (yes), mom, dad, your brother’s best friend’s girlfriend (yes), your dog-groomer (yes), the postman! You get the point eh.

For all your efforts, you get to watch me make a fool of myself (as usual) riding an ostrich. Yes, I know.

P.S: My laptop crashed 5 times while I tried to upload the logo, so, no Big Blog Exchange logo then 😦

I tried!

P.S: Correction on my previous entry. The prize is not literally a life swap. I just like calling it that! It is actually a country swap and blog swap! Equally exciting!

Now go vote!