A warm slice of love and comfort…

I’ve been having a rather difficult and strange time since coming back from Belgium. Let’s call it a bumpy landing. And I have been quite open about how tough it has been to be back. A weird kind of tough which has thrown me off a little and has forced me to look, yet again at the sustainability of my work and put the spotlight on how to best take care of Didi. My friend wrote me this after I shared a realisation that part of the reason why I feel bad for taking a break is because I feel like taking a break is a temporary form of abandoning my dreams and vision for my life and the world.

This is what she had to say… It gave me so much strength and warmth. Both much needed on this cold winter’s evening.

“Dearest Didi,

I just saw your post about feeling like taking a break is giving up…I wanted to send you some words of encouragement, because I know you are doing such good work in the world. Don’t be discouraged if you need to step back and take a breath! In the little time I spent with you, I came to know a person with so many gifts and so much to share. Taking some time for yourself will benefit you and those you wish to help in the long run. They say that there are two kinds of people: those who shine a light, and those who reflect it to pass it on. You my dear are a pure source of original light, so by taking the time to tend to that light and make it strong, you are ensuring that it will reach the world tenfold, reflected by those around you!”  – Taylor Elverhoy Holland


Thank you Taylor! Even though you are so far away, you’re still able to deliver comfort to me.

I love you, thank you.


P.S: I wrote a piece today of some learnings I have gotten from this period of dark greyness, but I realised I have my tenses all wrong. Allow me to rectify it and post soon!



The resilience of Trees

This post is a result of scribblings I made on the back of receipts, bus & train schedules and a random leaflet while at a beautiful music concert where we listened to and supported one of my friends: The Pole Siblings and Idiot Wind with a special treat Tallest Man on Earth. A gathering where I got to meet and speak to the lovely duo of First Aid Kit! Some legendary people that I had wanted to meet since arriving in Sweden. Sweet.

This was during last week’s course with Marko Pogacnik, whose weekly update will follow soon.

[1 May 2012 – 21:09]

We can learn so much from nature; in specific; trees.

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This evening I was standing outside during an interval of a small music gathering. I looked around me without much concentration on anything in particular. I noticed a tree, one of a row of trees on a street called Norrtulgatan in Stockholm.

The tree looked young, yet worn out. It looked like it had been abused and been through a lot, like a child that was malnourished for most of it’s existence in this life. It had what looked like large barnacles. On a human, I would say it looked like warts or some sort of leporosy.

This tree was not well, and even then, there was a part of it that was more than just alive but thriving. There were many tiny and beautiful flowers blossoming.

The irony of it was that the blossoming was happening in the direction where I imagine most o the abuse was coming from – the traffic.

Trees and nature speak not.

What I mean by this is that they communicate in a different manner and if we were able to access and use the language necessary to reach them on a deeper level, deeper than merely taking them in with one of our senses – that of sight, we would feel, hear and essentially learn more.

That tree; though battered by a lack of fresh air and by restriction (it’s buried in the ground but it’s most vital part – it’s roots are buried beneath the pavement which is made of concrete and other restricing material); like many human beings, it had been through a lot. It now lives not under the most desireable conditions and yet it continues to do what it does best…


stand strong


clear the air of CO2 *also known as breathing

Maybe like them our best gift to this planet is to do what we do best. To Be. Only that. That just by continuing and living and taking whatever comes our way we are giving the best gift we have. Life.

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We often underestimate our abilities, undermine our capabilities and devalue the role of our existence.

“The way to do is to be” – Lao Tzu

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