Say Hello… to amazing!

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you a band that is already beyond it’s time, a band that makes me feel like I am looking back on my life. John Wizards (click here and go and fall in love)

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Yes means YES…

I don’t know how much longer I’m going to keep updating this blog. I’m back in South Africa now and although my journey with cultivating and tending my Swedishgarden within will forever continue until I die, I feel it is time to move on to other projects… However, today I wish to share something with the readers of this blog, because we have come quite a long way together.

At the beginning of this week, I had the most terrible 2 days I have had since arriving back in Cape Town. Every thing was weighing heavily on my heart and finances. I felt totally broken and in the wrong place, I questioned everything that I was doing, where I was, whom I surrounded myself by and even going as far as questioning WHO I was, I literally cried from Sunday night until Tuesday late morning (turns out it was the lunar new year, perhaps that had something to do with my intense emotional state). Anyway, what I wish to share about is how this past week has also ended up being the MOST BEAUTIFUL week I have had since being back in Cape Town.

I have been very blessed to have spent the week with musicians that I love and admire, TUESDAY I went to a live performance by Gary Thomas (who literally stoked my fires, I felt my light burning again), on WEDNESDAY I went to an exhibition around Typography (which totally blew my mind in a way I had never ever anticipated) on THURSDAY my friends who perform in a band (The Brother Moves On)that’s gaining a major amount of popularity in SA came here for the Design Indaba and we reconnected (personally I think they should all just move to Cape Town, my life is so much more enjoyable when they are around), they invited me to their gig which was also a performance by Zaki Ibrahim (on my list of top 5 favourite artists in the whole wide world) and also Fletcher who is both a pillar in the music scene as well as a dear friend to me, on FRIDAY I got to hang out with a beloved friend I hadn’t seen in a very very long time whom I’ve been feeling like I’ve been neglecting – she now knows where I live so we’re likely to spend more quality time together as well as attend the free yoga classes offered by Greenpop , also on the same day my friends who play in another amazing band in SA (Soul Housing Project) invited me to the Grand Daddy Hotel for their regularly rooftop gigs, this time round they had Jimmy Dludlu – musical LEGEND in the South African context and beyond – playing with them, not only did I meet him, I took a photo with him which ended up being part of the reason why I won a R500 bar tab for me and my friends!

((I wanted to include the photo here, but I’m not able to upload it for some reason, go to my twitter page and you will see it – my twitter handle is @TheDidiness))

My phone got stolen that night (last night) but there was nothing that would take this beautiful feeling growing inside and radiating out into the world from me!


Today I worked at the Holi One Colour Festival, which was beyond my imagination, it was beautiful, I remember taking a moment and taking in where I was and what I was doing and thinking to myself “this is so surreal, my life is so incredible right now” and I held on to that moment for a while.

(This is the closest I could come to what I was a part of today, every hour was an explosion of colour)

The point of this entire post, is not to brag about what fun I’m having in Cape Town, it is more to share this piece of information. [ I’m calling it information because it is a fact to me].


What I didn’t mention above is that there is a guy that I have been pushing away for the LONGEST time and I finally gave him the time of day(I invited him to come meet me at the Exhibition), I was very nervous, worrying that he wouldn’t feel comfortable with my friends and in that environment ( I am very embarrassed to admit this, however it is the honest truth. I had made my mind up about how he would feel and react – I judged him)  this guy ended up being such a pleasant companion, I saw his beauty,  the internal kind that every person deserves to have acknowledged by another, something I didn’t think would EVER happen. I don’t think we will date or anything like that, it’s just that, that experience showed me that perhaps I need to trust people to be who they say they are and to trust that they know themselves best and that sometimes people just want an opportunity to show you their best. That’s all.

They want you to see their best and acknowledge that it is there. To witness it if I may say so.[ That’s a mouthful, read it again and see if you agree]

I may even go a step further and invite you to try and apply it to your own life. I’m curious to hear what effects this will have on your life. If you aren’t already doing so, which you very well may.

Things are not by any means perfect, no, there is a lot I’m working on and with and I’m dancing between many places right now but at least I’m dancing.

And for that I am thankful.

Meet Lesedi – A storyteller, an Artist, A light-bearer and a phenomenal film-maker.

There are many things that inspire me in this life. And less often things that spark something in me so intensely, that I feel I can’t keep it in and I need to share it with the, whole, entire, world, and universe and this here; what I’m about to share is right UP there on the list of these goose bump-inducing news!

I met Lesedi Mogoatlhe a while ago in Cape Town and I just really digged her, I don’t know why for sure, I just know I did, we didn’t talk much at first, but inevitably we were connected by the long, complex, yet simple, web of the Cape Town social scene and friend network. When I actually spoke to her, my suspicions of amazingness were definitely confirmed. She was just as I had imagined, driven, passionate, beautiful, original, AUTHENTIC, and really hilarious.

So now I’m sitting on a couch in Oslo and again feeling lit up from inside by the project that she is a part of. You see, as some of you already know, part of my exploration on this earth includes researching ways of bringing a more true and real picture and experience of the African continent. I deeply believe that the picture and experience neeeeeeds to be brought forward by Africans themselves. This is not to say that anyone who is not African can not bring a true and useful picture onto the ever-evolving canvas, no, this is not at all what I say. What I aim to bring across here is that there has for a long time been images of the African people and the African landscape (political, environmental, socio-economic, social, financial, physical and cultural) that have been brought through into the world by people who just happen not to be African. And this has lead to some unspoken and unpainted picture of Africa and Africans, and honestly, I think that it is now time for the picture and experience to be brought across in a new way, by new people.

Lesedi, is one of those people, deeply immersed in that movement.

As part of her ever-deepening work, it comes as no surprise that she has been chosen to be part of a team of incredible young African artists, writers, photographers and film-makers embarking on a 48 day roadtrip and exploration from Lagos (Nigeria) all the way to  Lubumbashi (Congo). They will also be going through  Cameroun, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Congo (Kinshasa and Brazzaville). 

The Invisible Borders Roadtrip Project, (in my opinion) aims to shed some light on different aspects of the African landscape through music, culture, food, terrain, art, history and language.

Read more about Lesedi Mogoatlhe and the other participants in the The Invisible Borders – Trans-African Photography Project for 2012  over here and have a look at her inspiring documentation of her work and journey thus far – on her blog.

Part of my work in this life is seeing brilliance in people and trying to water it, to nurture it  and share it with the world, Lesedi is a human embodiment of much of what I admire in the human existence and experience. She is inspiring and is doing some beautiful and necessary work, so if you feel inspired to, please support her journey and this important work by spreading this fundraising page right here and support in any way possible. I will also be uploading a list of items she needs on her journey. Perhaps you feel called to donate items and not money.

Here is her fundraising video. Watch it, pass it on, like it, donate, get in touch with her directly by emailing –

Feel free (as usual) to also get in touch with me if you have any questions whatsoever,or leaving words of encouragement by responding to this as a comment below!

What is listening?


Here I am, sitting here and writing about listening. I keep surprising myself with what I am capable of and who I am becoming. I am dedicating an ENTIRE post to the phenomenon of listening. Wowee.

So this is basically from a deep-seated need to share my observations regarding this topic.

In this community (and many other communities and circles of friends and loved ones) we talk a lot about listening. I have zoomed in on this word and am now ready to share my observations.

Listening is not limited only to the process of absorbing words and sounds into your psyche through the organ we call an ear. No, it is not merely that.

Listening is not limited to a specific time and space.

Listening is not something we can switch on and off.

Listening is not limited to that one sense of “hearing”.

Listening is a way of being.

A method of moving through life,

a process of elimination,

it is not to be isolated, a lonely prisoner,

we listen by observing,

we listen by feeling,

we listen by being quiet,

we listen by acknowldeging presence,

we listen by getting to know others (on whichever level that feels truest),

we listen by being (which leads to doing because being and doing are the same),

we listen by sensing.

[I wish that I could be less abstract, but if you are listening to what I say here you will hopefully get from this, what I aim to put across]


There’s something about Sundays…

Something that I can’t quite place my finger on.

Today I was inspired to post using mainly images.

and not so many words as I usually do.

Here is my Sunday in images…

and a few sprinklings of words.

Today was a day for making Magwinya – a traditional and popular South African treat, made of flour, yeast, salt and sugar. (Magwinya are also known as a “Vet Koek” which is Afrikaans for Fat Cakes

I have been a little homesick and this was just the trick

It was also a day for strolling through a spring market and also a day for planting.

He accompanied my Sunday journey. Making dough, finding the perfect place to place the bowl so that the dough could raise, frying the batter and munching away!

The first batch – not bad eh.


The resultant “Magwinya mountain” which was enjoyed by quite a few happy mouths and taste-buds!

This guy over here equals PHENOMENAL.

A rare and pleasant sight – a clean Tallevana upstairs kitchen!

I went to a spring fair and market at the school up the road from home. By the time we arrived clothing items were going for 10SEK a bag. How insane? A fellow late-rising Yippie and I shared the bag and I walked away with these items:

A summer robe

Some ALpHaBeT suspenders

A floral waist-coat 🙂

And then I was finally moved to plant the seeds that I received during Initiative Forum from Nature and More.

Promotional shot!

“Sprinkle, sprinkle little seeds”

Time to beautify my new friends

Looking pretty

Their new home

The resilience of Trees

This post is a result of scribblings I made on the back of receipts, bus & train schedules and a random leaflet while at a beautiful music concert where we listened to and supported one of my friends: The Pole Siblings and Idiot Wind with a special treat Tallest Man on Earth. A gathering where I got to meet and speak to the lovely duo of First Aid Kit! Some legendary people that I had wanted to meet since arriving in Sweden. Sweet.

This was during last week’s course with Marko Pogacnik, whose weekly update will follow soon.

[1 May 2012 – 21:09]

We can learn so much from nature; in specific; trees.

Source of Image

This evening I was standing outside during an interval of a small music gathering. I looked around me without much concentration on anything in particular. I noticed a tree, one of a row of trees on a street called Norrtulgatan in Stockholm.

The tree looked young, yet worn out. It looked like it had been abused and been through a lot, like a child that was malnourished for most of it’s existence in this life. It had what looked like large barnacles. On a human, I would say it looked like warts or some sort of leporosy.

This tree was not well, and even then, there was a part of it that was more than just alive but thriving. There were many tiny and beautiful flowers blossoming.

The irony of it was that the blossoming was happening in the direction where I imagine most o the abuse was coming from – the traffic.

Trees and nature speak not.

What I mean by this is that they communicate in a different manner and if we were able to access and use the language necessary to reach them on a deeper level, deeper than merely taking them in with one of our senses – that of sight, we would feel, hear and essentially learn more.

That tree; though battered by a lack of fresh air and by restriction (it’s buried in the ground but it’s most vital part – it’s roots are buried beneath the pavement which is made of concrete and other restricing material); like many human beings, it had been through a lot. It now lives not under the most desireable conditions and yet it continues to do what it does best…


stand strong


clear the air of CO2 *also known as breathing

Maybe like them our best gift to this planet is to do what we do best. To Be. Only that. That just by continuing and living and taking whatever comes our way we are giving the best gift we have. Life.

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We often underestimate our abilities, undermine our capabilities and devalue the role of our existence.

“The way to do is to be” – Lao Tzu

Source of Images:

Wit’s End Blog – Here – Here

Naturkaku Blog – Here