There’s No Such Thing as White Music

I have been experiencing a high level of brain activity lately. Brain vs Heart activity. My brain tells me about reality and my heart whispers tales of the soul. My brain points out race and racism, my heart reminds me that it is merely a construct of our society and that souls have no race. My brain tells me to work hard and pursue a life with the comforts of money, my heart smiles warmly and shows me pictures of where I would rather be – next to a lake with the sun beating down on my backside. My brain tells me I am a woman that needs to prove herself at every turn, my heart soothes me and massages my back from the inside out “Didi, your amazingness shines through in your every move and every word, you have nothing to prove to anybody, lest of all the non-believers”.

My friends tell me I listen to white music. My heart dances to the tunes I choose and whilst dancing screams with arms raised to the ceiling “there’s no such thing as white music!” and continues to dance across the room with carefree abandon.

Here is a collection of music that my heart and I groove to, cry to, dance to, laugh to, relax to:

charles bukowski


Why you should say YES to the most impactful year of your life – study in Sweden…

The name of this blog rests completely on the reason for starting the blog. This blog was initially intended to be a portal of information and keeping in touch while I studied in Sweden at the International Youth Initiative Program. It has since evolved into a space of connection, sharing and a place that others that have studied there come for comfort, joy or the reminder of times gone by.

Today I received an email which announced that applications for the 7th year of YIP are now open.

yip-apply-now (CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW —> DEADLINE 15th MAY 2014!)

It is only now (about 2 years since completing my year of study) that I see the invaluable experience that YIP was. Since YIP I have seen my dreams and wishes come to life. Since YIP I have re-discovered myself and the power that Didintle Ntsie possesses. I have felt so inspired that there was no other way to live life but to live it as I have always wanted to. YIP offered me the fertile ground to plant seeds, nurture the plants that grew and take the fruits from that plant and share them in the world.

YIP has been the catalyst to me finding the best version of myself (an ongoing expedition…)

YIP is the reason I forgive, it is the reason I understand people better, it is the reason I am able to accept, it is the reason I am able to remember that there is nothing (and I mean that) that can stand in the way of me reaching my goals, dreams and desired outcomes.

It made real to me the truths I had whispered in my ear since I was born, that “anything is possible”


Since YIP I have been an important part of a team that co-founded an amazing global citizen-driven initiative called 100in1day Cape Town, I have also finally plucked up the courage to birth an idea I have had for over 4 years, it has come to this earth as The Travelling Speech Bubble. I am now working in an organisation that is forward thinking and impactful in it’s work. I am where I should be, and there are no doubts in my mind.

Since YIP I have begun writing a short story.

All these things because YIP reminded me that I could and I can.

Take some time to think about the things you would like to achieve.

Take a moment to think about the YOU that YOU would like to become.

Take a moment and think about a wall of mirrors that are all there to show you something about yourself.

Take a moment to do this for yourself, in order to better share yourself with others.

I humbly, warmly, lovingly invite you to apply to participate in the most enlightening year of your life with other phenomenal beings from all over the world.


A warm slice of love and comfort…

I’ve been having a rather difficult and strange time since coming back from Belgium. Let’s call it a bumpy landing. And I have been quite open about how tough it has been to be back. A weird kind of tough which has thrown me off a little and has forced me to look, yet again at the sustainability of my work and put the spotlight on how to best take care of Didi. My friend wrote me this after I shared a realisation that part of the reason why I feel bad for taking a break is because I feel like taking a break is a temporary form of abandoning my dreams and vision for my life and the world.

This is what she had to say… It gave me so much strength and warmth. Both much needed on this cold winter’s evening.

“Dearest Didi,

I just saw your post about feeling like taking a break is giving up…I wanted to send you some words of encouragement, because I know you are doing such good work in the world. Don’t be discouraged if you need to step back and take a breath! In the little time I spent with you, I came to know a person with so many gifts and so much to share. Taking some time for yourself will benefit you and those you wish to help in the long run. They say that there are two kinds of people: those who shine a light, and those who reflect it to pass it on. You my dear are a pure source of original light, so by taking the time to tend to that light and make it strong, you are ensuring that it will reach the world tenfold, reflected by those around you!”  – Taylor Elverhoy Holland


Thank you Taylor! Even though you are so far away, you’re still able to deliver comfort to me.

I love you, thank you.


P.S: I wrote a piece today of some learnings I have gotten from this period of dark greyness, but I realised I have my tenses all wrong. Allow me to rectify it and post soon!


Once upon a time in Belgium

Hi everyone,

Here is a link to the page I have dedicated to The Big Blog Exchange blog-swap and country swap.

Click here – Once upon a time in Belgium

And if you don’t already know, I made it onto the front page of a local Belgian Newspaper – how Epic!? (If you can speak or read Afrikaans, you will do fine understanding the article)


The beauty of travelling!

My lovely blog partner,swapper and newly found friend Liesbet Maroye from Belgium and I have been in regular contact and exchanging ideas and plans of where to go in each other’s countries. I have really been enjoying playing virtual tour agent and advisor!

I realised during our interactions that one of the most powerful things about travelling is that we become other versions of ourselves, we allow ourselves to morph and open up to things we may not necessarily open ourselves to in daily life.

At some point in our interaction today I sent my dear Liesbet a link to this post I wrote a long time ago while I was in Sweden and missing home. In my response to her question of what she should eat I strongly encouraged her to try alllll the things on this list.

After mailing her I went to the blog post and chuckled a little, only travelling can open you up to that extent and also allow me to be so bold as to suggest that she try EVERYTHING on my semi-outrageaous-for-a-foreigner-I-miss-home-foods-so-much post!

It was on the day I wrote that post that I made magwinya in the YIP kitchen and had all kinds of sticky hands and watering mouths taking and tasting and going mmmmm…. reminds me of my mom.

DSCF7820 DSCF7814

Travelling asks us to step out of routines and be wild, bold, brave, adventurous, open, happier, less calculating and rigid. I love that most about travelling.

I remember our last day in Bolivia (Quillacollo to be precise). My friend’s dad set this plate before me urging me to ” get all the meat I can get before I head back to our program in Sweden”  (which is fully vegetarian besides 2 or 3 surprising dinners and barbecues). I sighed, not knowing how to tackle the meal before me. I will explain what is on my over-flowing plate below. Rabbit, Pork, Chicken and Beef. There was no space for the lovely sweet potatoes on that plate nor the plantain, but out of politeness and the kind, quirky, advice, I tried. Needless to say I was stuffed beyond recognition but feeling fed with love!


I’m looking forward to more interactions with you Liesbet and also meeting another version of myself on my travels and the time leading up to it…


@TheDidinessIMG_1146 IMG_0510 IMG_1026

Boiled Potatoes, Boiled corn on the cob, steamed green beans,

Boiled Potatoes, Boiled corn on the cob, steamed green beans,

Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Eggs

Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Eggs

Fried banana to add to our lunch dish

Fried banana to add to our lunch dish


Sights from the market

Sights from the market

100in1day Cape Town – A template for all cities!


I am deeply involved with a project called 100in1day Cape Town, originally started in Bogota Colombia last year and quickly spreading to over 7 other countries including South Africa and Denmark.

100in1day Cape Town is a festival of doing which invites the citizens of Cape Town to co-create the most beautiful, most liveable city of our dreams through actions (called interventions) on the 25th of May!

Feel free to read more about why it is important to me – over at the Kaospilot Cape Town website over here.

Yesterday we did a radio interview (which I did on behalf of 100in1day Cape Town)

I was so nervous leading up to it as I found out only an hour before and had to run around looking for a quiet spot to take the call. I ended up in a small little bar off of Harrington street, the lady there was sweet and super accommodating when I asked if she could turn down the music so I could take the call! Luckily I was the only patron at that time of the day!

Here it is.

I will be posting more and more as we get closer to the action day on Saturday 25th May!

Meet Didi the columnist!

Since the Kaospilots have arrived in Cape Town, things have re-started making sense again. We speak the same language, we think in similar ways and we met while I was in Sweden. So it feels good, like re-connecting with family!

They have asked me to be a columnist for their website. I didn’t hesitate for one second – it’s what I want and is the natural next step for what I am about.

Here is the first article of many

The name of the column is “In Transit”

I will post the articles here as they become available!