There’s No Such Thing as White Music

I have been experiencing a high level of brain activity lately. Brain vs Heart activity. My brain tells me about reality and my heart whispers tales of the soul. My brain points out race and racism, my heart reminds me that it is merely a construct of our society and that souls have no race. My brain tells me to work hard and pursue a life with the comforts of money, my heart smiles warmly and shows me pictures of where I would rather be – next to a lake with the sun beating down on my backside. My brain tells me I am a woman that needs to prove herself at every turn, my heart soothes me and massages my back from the inside out “Didi, your amazingness shines through in your every move and every word, you have nothing to prove to anybody, lest of all the non-believers”.

My friends tell me I listen to white music. My heart dances to the tunes I choose and whilst dancing screams with arms raised to the ceiling “there’s no such thing as white music!” and continues to dance across the room with carefree abandon.

Here is a collection of music that my heart and I groove to, cry to, dance to, laugh to, relax to:

charles bukowski


A snake shedding skin

Following my trip I have been feeling much like what I imagine someone would feel like after being tossed into a whirlwind and then tossed out. Offcourse the whirlwind was filled with fun adventures however, the effects are the same.

Needing to re-orientate myself, find my feet and find direction.

Yup, this pretty much sums up how I have been. A little dizzy, a little disoriented and in desperate need to find direction.

The Big Blog Exchange Experience has had me seriously thinking about building a career centred on blogging. I’m just struggling to figure out if this thought is a heartfelt train of thought or just a logical next step. You see, I need my heart to vote yes on it before proceeding.

I’m also in the process of making my blog more visitor friendly. But I’m taking my time and letting it be fun.

I feel like a snake which is in depserate need of shedding it’s skin. After all change is the natural order of life. Right?

As Autumn has changed into winter, I too mirror this as I slowly morph into a new me. (I’m just not sure what she looks like just yet).

A little nervous but trying to find excitement in the unknown.