Sara Petersen

My Birthday Twin!

Sara and I met a long while ago while on a Lucca Leadership course. We were room mates and stuck together for an intense 9 days on an olive farm outside Cape Town.

We clicked almost instantly. We had endless nights of unstoppable giggling and chitter chatter. We share similar views of the planet and it’s inhabitants. We are like alternate versions of each other. Really we were.

Sara went on to spend more time in Cape Town where we became even closer and crazier. We swam, we lay in the sun, we partied together, we cooked 2 min noodles and watched (mostly) horrible films together.

She was my confidant and I hers.

It is no surprise that we share the exact same birthday, only separated by years.

I dream of going over to the UK to visit her in London.

Little Miss Sarpei is an adventurer (nearly losing her pinky finger in Mozambique to such adventurous activities), a dreamer (I’ve read some of her writing and have been transported to another place), a rebel (she, like me, has not followed conventional study patterns or paths, she is now a horticulturist at a school in London) and a real sincere person (I have always known where she stands and have never seen her compromise herself nor her friendships due to somethign superficial).

I miss you so much.

Thank you for scraping some pennies together to help me out on this path.

Sending you the hugest hug ever ever ever!Sara supported my Indiegogo Campaign


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