Mischa Saunders

I had never met Mischa before when he made a donation towards my studies. All I knew was that he had also taken part in YIP and was now living in Canada.

As embarrasing as this is; I went on to stalk Mischa on Facebook… and soon acertained that he was super passionate about the environment as well as sustainable and healthy farming methods (both healthy for the earth as well as for us). In addtition I gathered that he was pretty chilled out and had a warm smile and friendly eyes. Yes – all this just from some Facebook “research”.

Last night at the Kulturhuset we had a bar night, which is held on the last Friday of every month. These nights are characterised by great tunes, dancing and fantastic conversation around the fireplace. This was one of those nights, only this time, it was PACKED. I remember feeling a little out of my element, thinking to myself “it’s never this full” and then quickly reminding myself that this is but a fraction of what we will be experiencing during Initiative Forum (which is now less than 2 weeks away).

It is this night which I met Mischa in person. I had gone over to say hello to Pieter Ploeg who had been away for a few days. I had interrupted their conversation and felt a little awkward. I then looked over to Mischa and introduced myself. We shook hands and immediately I knew who he was and remembered my previous encounters with him through my computer!

I couldn’t pluck up the courage to talk about anything else apart from saying “nice to meet you”.

So Mischa here is what I had actually planned on saying to you when I eventually met you in person: “Thank you so much for supporting my stay at YIP, I really appreciate that although you did not personally know me you assisted me in such a tremendous way. So thank you very much”.

Unfortunately eloquence failed me last night – but this represents my gratitude no less.

Mischa I look forward to meeting you again and perhaps making a cup of tea for you too!

Thank you!

Mischa supported my Indiegogo Campaign.


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