Alyssa Leigh Owens

The best part of the fact that this goddess has chosen this perk is that I get to let out all my thoughts of her.


Alyssa and I lived together for about a year in Cape Town, she is from Philly and is a fire-cracker of a being whom has brought a lot of light, love and fire into my life. We have shared many many moments together. We have hit rock-bottom together and also sang atop the most beautiful rolling hills together. We have dreamed together.

I remember numerous nights spent on our porch, lazing in the hanging hammocks, talking about politics, economics, the state of our world, the situation in South Africa at the time, relationships, love, lust and how to make a difference. There is not a topic on this planet we were uncomfortable to unfold and explore.

Alyssa has always been someone who sparked something inside me. She inspired me and continues to do so. She was a freelance journalist at the time we lived together. I remember venturing out with her on 2 assignments one which tested my impartiality and brought me close to the reality of journalism and the ability to keep yourself out of the story, to attempt to look only at the facts or situation objectively (Xenophobic attacks in De Doorns). Another was half a day spent with her while she intervierwed street vendors about the upcoming (at the time) Soccer World Cup in South Africa which resulted in her gaining the front page spot in USA TODAY. Pretty impressive I’d say!

Following this time in Cape Town, Alyssa left to assume the role of teacher – and role model I’m sure – to some youngsters in New Orleans.

She is a Jill of many many trades and holds a very deep and special place in my heart and mind. To me she is family. Plain & simple.

It warmed my heart to see that even after all this time and all this distance between us we still support and hold each other’s dreams like precious eggs in our hands. Incubating them and protecting them.

Alyssa I love you and thank you for ALWAYS having my back and supporting me in all I turn my heart and hands to.

You are incredible and I really hope we get to meet in person again soon.

Alyssa supported my Indiegogo Campaign


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