The Incredible Pieter Ploeg

I finally have a great excuse for gushing about this awesome being.

Pieter was the glue that allowed the International Internships to become what they became; booked flights, real places that we would visit – helping them transform from an abstract place that existed only in the mind, to a real life place and reality.

Pieter was ALWAYS ready to assist, to have that helpful conversation, to offer that nudge in the right direction, to open up possibilities of options of places to go, the archive of previous internships, that listening ear for all my concerns, the hands behind this super sophisticated yet useable map of possible places to visit.

He had his fingers in many pots but somehow managed to get each person’s flight booked, kept afloat of the budgets for each group and still managed to sit down with each of us when we needed it.

Athough he isn’t aware; I consider Pieter to be one of my confidants – I know I can go to Pieter to vent, complain, share concerns, get advice and suggestions. I don’t ever feel that I need to filter myself when I speak to Pieter. This is a luxury. I can simply be. Honest. Me. Always.

Pieter is one of the most genuine people I have EVER met in my entire life so far; and believe me when I say that I have met many many people in this short life. To me this is what I adore most about Pieter. I never feel forced to flash a smile or approach with a hug unless it is truly felt. I never feel the need to greet unnecessarily simply because we cross paths. I also appreciate that it is often times visible when he’s having a bad day or when he is stressed out. I never sense the need to fake or cover up what is really going on in his mind, head and heart. A breath of fresh air.

Pietradelmundo is a Jack of all trades. (I know this is going to make him cringe but, oh well!)

He speaks really well. I am fascinated by the power of words in the form of speech in particular. I feel I have a gift of being able to articulate and express what I feel and see. My challenge however is coming forth when I feel called to speak. In order for the message to be clear and powerful. Pieter is very capable of doing this. I watch and learn.

He takes photographs. Somehow managing to capture the moment as it is. A gift few possess.

He is a thinker and doer. Here is a great illustration of the project he embarked on about 2 years ago.

And now for my favourite project of his and one of the greatest contributions to the planet in my opinion – The BubbleBee!

I got to meet the Bubble Bee during Initiative Forum and I have to admit I get a little shy and nervous around him… sort of like I’m a school girl again around my secret crush.

Here he is: In addition to all the I have mentioned above. Pieter is a past participant of The International Youth Initiative Program – YIP and is now also part of the dynamic organising team who holds the training program and overall experience.

Pieter. You are Amazing and thank you for constantly being there before, during and after my International Internship experience. I look forward to more conversations and inspiration.

I havent asked for your permission for this image and so I’ll take a beating if need be, but I couldn’t help myself – This is a magical image of you and your darling lady 🙂

Muchos Gracias Pieter!


8 thoughts on “The Incredible Pieter Ploeg

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    • It is I! Didi. Also known as Didintle Ntsie 🙂
      My absolute pleasure. It is all true!
      You’ve raised an incredible young man.

      • Thanks Didi! Thanks! He has always been like that….like my other children, by the way…..Hope to meet you once, Edith

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