Llama and other treats!

The more I sort through the experience of Bolivia is the more I realise what a big role food played in the unfolding of the internship.

Below: A traditional Bolivian dish consisting of dried, shredded Llama meat, deep fried cheese, boiled potatoes and boiled eggs. Rather tasty and interesting…

This below plate was followed by the above plate of food within a 2/3 hour time-span. Needless to say my poor stomach couldn’t cope. Despite this foreknowledge of suffering; I took on the below plate which was eaten at Maria’s dad’s place as part of our farewell family lunch.

Below: Rabbit , Chicken, Duck and Pork. Sigh. Yes, I know…!

This meal was shared with a community called Ljusta which is part of the Cordillera region of Bolivia. This was my first taste of Llama meat. Which was fried. KAWSAY (the organisation we were interning with) held a workshop with the villagers. This was an important day for us and began the big & heavy conversation around our individual responsibility to act vs imposing our knowledge and methods packaging it as help. I will write more about this later.

Below: In the red dish is a mixture of red onion & tinned fish, in the plastic bags is Llama meat, a type of dry potato boiled, the other food is a range of pan (bread), bananas

This is the same dish of dried shredded Llama meat, deep fried cheese, boiled potatoes and boiled eggs and the drink below is my favourite Bolivian treat – skinned apricots or peaches boiled in water and then cooled to create this fresh and delicious drink. Sugar can be added for sweetening.


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