International Internship

As part of our YIP experience we are offered the opportunity to go anywhere in the world to do an internship in an area of interest for 4 weeks.

After much deliberation and frustration, I decided on Bolivia.

I have been scratching my head trying to figure out exactly how I’m going to paint the picture of my experience in Bolivia. How on this planet, do I begin to condense 4 intense weeks in a foreign South American land into a blog post or page?

Initiative Forum is behind us and during the week, I kicked into “gogo” mode which sparked some ideas of how I could do this. Instead of re-writing each page from my (bursting full) journal, I will share the experience and impressions by sharing sporadically – taking snippets from emails I had sent friends and family during my time away.

I”m still working into how to best categorise the experience.

There will be sub-pages added onto this page.

The first being “FIRST IMPRESSIONS“.



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