My mini biography and work history

Below is the original, and more detailed, “About Me” write-up which I wrote last year (I love reading it and so have kept it in it’s original state)

I am a 24 year old young lady born in South Africa, in a township called Ga-rankuwa. At the moment I am living in Sweden, in a small placed called Ytterjarna. I am one of 40 participants taking part in the International Youth Initiative Program (YIP).

I would best describe YIP as a year long experience in community building as well as an exploration of healthy alternative realities and options. YIP is a place of diving into different aspects of ourselves individually as well as collectively. A sort of initiation process.

I am interested in human development, in particular; coaching and facilitating healthy processes which lead to positive growth, necessary realisations and authentic ways of being. I am fascinated by how much we can learn from nature, our best and most obvious teacher: free, available, ready. We are a part of nature, there is no it and us. We are connected in an inseparable way.

Since arriving here, I have been surprisingly engaged in the topic of agriculture, awakening to the (seemingly obvious, yet not so obvious) truth that the soil is one of the most important gifts we have in this life, soil and what it is able to produce with the right knowledge and care, I am interested in various methods of growing food and what those methods entail and bring about, I am appreciative of the attention and hard work that goes into food-growing. I am grateful for this realisation of what a gift the food I eat really is, how it is grown, where it comes from, the journey it makes until it reaches my plate.

I try my best to acknowledge and accept different realities, schools of thought and belief systems that exist and more especially those that I encounter in my personal life, because I believe that they are all real, necessary and are a indication of something which needs to be. I often struggle with this, because other peoples’ reality entails pain, death, hunger and rape. And to attempt to look at those painful realities as neccessary for something higher and better to come into being is draining and exhausting. I have realised that in order for order to arise, chaos needs to exist. In order for solutions to be born problems need to exist. Necessity is the mother of invention…

Our current financial system is one of the more apparent symptoms of an illness society has. I have been deeply involved in the Occupy Movement in Stockholm and have been featured in this documentary. I see the Occupy movement as the beginning of a visible manifestation for what wants to be born as an alternative to the current system we have. A system that not only deals with the financial system but also our system of relating to one another.

I love writing, speaking, singing and cooking.

My professional background includes working in events for nearly 3 years, organising multi-day bicycle rides with between 100-500 people camping in different towns daily. My tasks included organising entertainment, manning the information desk on events, organising trucks, arranging the rental of containers as well as building mobile showers and toilets, co-ordinating volunteers, PR and marketing, updating the website as well as working on the daily newsletter on the rides, dealing with import and export companies (pretty stressful) and also attending to emails and phonecall queries from ride participants.

I have also worked for a stationery company where my role was to manage the store, the wholesale section of sales which entailed regular travel on a monthly basis between Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria, stock-taking, handling orders, managing client relationships and creating potential business relationships.

I’ve also worked as a store buyer, this lead to an introduction to the world of fashion buying and merchandising and front-row seats at several Cape Town Fashion Weeks. A surreal yet fun experience of beautiful clothes, free and good food and also a glimpse into the reality of the elite Cape Town society… a priceless sneak-peak.

During my last two jobs, I mentored a young lady from Zimbabwe who was in grade 12 when we met, we had regular conversations in which we explored the different paths she could take including getting her a job where I worked. After trying many different things she is now currently studying Jewelery Design at a well-respected learning institution in Cape Town.

I also had a blog – Ranting, Raving, Random Ramblings which was an introduction to my inner writer (if you have time, stop by there – there’s some real good stuff). I also got involved and trained under Lucca Leadership, I took an intense course in “Transformational Leadership” , and a catalyst course which was a combination of “Living Leadership” and “Coaches Training”. I joined the managing commitee and found myself appreciating the healing potential of workshops and training courses such as the ones I received. I am still keenly interested in hosting and facilitating such.

I was also chosen to volunteer as a Television Presenter for a local show for a community T.V station in Cape Town, the shows aim was to introduce inspirational people that young people could relate to and be motivated by. This was a fun job where I took the opportunity to do some script-writing and MC-ing.

Updating this “About Me” page has taken me a really long time, I find it hard to define myself and to express who that is. I feel to best knw about me is to read what I write and meet me and make up your own conclusions.


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