Every trickle is important…

My neglect of this blog is with good reason. I have been super busy working with a team of amazing people getting 100in1day Cape Town ready for this Saturday!

I have also realised in this time that there is some release I miss from not blogging. Because blogging is actually some sort of therapy. Your thoughts and comments are my therapy. My little string that I throw into the murky, scary, unknown water of the virtual world, it returns with little notes and gifts tied to it. That is what I have been missing.

So much has transpired since we last were in touch. Such high highs and such low lows…

Today I opened my blog to find some highly unexpected news. My blog is attracting 84 views per hour?!!

Unbelievable. And to think that I haven’t updated it in so long. Probably the longest I have gone.

So I guess this is me realising that every single drop counts. Who ever thought I would have this many people interested in what I have to share?

So this is a small way of saying, I am here, thank you for your visits and I have missed you all.

More soon.

In the meantime hold on to this: an invitation to a workshop and meetup tomorrow in Cape Town

final workshop (compressed)



5 thoughts on “Every trickle is important…

    • Hey Chester! That’s awesome! I am beginning to surface now after a very long time with my head stuck into work (but good work)

      Keep coming back and please send me a link to your blog if you have one!


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