Rising from the ashes…

I’m not much of a poet. So far,all my  poems have been unleashed onto bits of paper, receipts, worthless lottery tickets, discarded notepads and my wall.

This trend is not about to end.

However, after a little spark that happened a few moments ago I will share this melody of words.

Life is designed to burn us, like children learning what is right and what is not so for us. We touch and taste and smell and embrace. Sometimes we burn. Some burns are little slaps on the wrist and some are 3rd degree burns that feel like they will never heal. But they always do. They may heal and remain scars that are a constant reminder of a harsh distasteful experience or time in our lives. But no matter how bad the burn. We always hold the ability to heal. Somewhere in the chaos that is our souls we find the right ointment to soothe. Because we hold the potential to be our own doctors, therapists, elders and friends. We are a complex network of yet to be discovered sources of solutions and healing. ALWAYS know that. As you clutch your coat tightly against the blizzards of daily life. Clutch on with the belief of an end to that particular storm. Don’t be fooled, the blizzards will keep coming but they will also always come to an end.

This past few weeks have been something so dark and teeth grindingly painful and yet this storm is slowly calming and that long awaited end of the blizzard is beginning to show itself…

Thank you that I know this.

Know this. burns


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