My blogpost on the Orms Direct website!

This morning I went over to visit Mike and the team at Orms Direct. I look forward to going over there – everyone is so friendly and helpful and I just love being surrounded by photo-equipment and people who know about images. I love looking through the wide-variety of books on display! And the coffee, it makes me happy! Have a latte when you get there. It will make your experience even more enjoyable.

Mmeeting people in person is one of teh best things in life! I was lucky enough to meet the team (MissAnnelien and francoiswnel) that tweets and retweets and keeps the rest of the world up to date with what Orms has on offer.

I told tales of the trip whilst showing images to Mike and Jason. So much fun to relive those moments long gone by.

I also got to check out the print room located at 66 Roeland Street – what a GREAT space! The architecture, the way the light shines in there, the interior decor, the setup, the services on offer. I found myself lingering and not wanting to leave! Go check it out sometime, you’ll understand what I mean! The website is coming soon – but if I were you I would keep up to date by liking their newly started facebook page.

orms print room(This image was not taken by me – I procured it from their facebook page)

Here’s the blogpost  I wrote on the Orms Direct website. Keep abreast with the latest in the world of photography by following them on twitter and facebook – do yourself that favour.


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