Meeting Mrs. Biehl

This is extremely moving. I remember hearing the story of Amy Biehl and feeling a series of emotions from sheer rage, to sadness, to helplessness and then much much later on – a little bit of acceptance, resting in the knowledge that her death was not in vein. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this!

A Carolina Girl in Cape Town

This past Friday was a moving day at the Amy Biehl Foundation. Linda Biehl, Amy’s mother, arrived in Cape Town for a two week long visit. It was also the last day of work for Kayla and Laura, two ABF volunteers/roommates/best friends of mine here in Cape Town.  

When Mrs. Biehl first walked into the office, I couldn’t help but think of my own mother. She is easily one of the smartest, strongest women I know, but I wondered if she would be able to do what Linda Biehl has done. Would she be able to return to a place that caused so much personal pain for her? With a smile on her face?

 After getting accustomed to the usual routine, Mrs. Biehl’s presence was an instant reminder of the powerful story that compelled me to come to South Africa. It was amazing for all of the volunteers to…

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