Introducing Trevor

*Trevor is a mystical creature. He literally landed in my lap, from lord alone knows where. He has come into my life and it seems he is here to stay.

Sometimes I go about my day and then have a sudden realisation of how wonderful it is that we are able to meet new people that understand us and who are so much like us.

How wonderful it is that there is a neverending supply of people we have never ever met

How wonderful it is that there is such a strange variety of people on this planet

And that we find something in them and they find something in us and that somehow through the noise of the world and the chaos and complexity of days and recurring nightfall we are able to see them and hear them and they are able to see us and hear us.

I’m in awe of how this thing we all find ourselves trapped in works. How is it possible to meet such people as Trevor on a simple weekday night spent hunting for inspiration, laughter, like-minded souls and the deep stare of wonder and play.

How wonderful is it?

I look forward to weaving strings of gold into wondeful glowing tapestries.


* Not his real name


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