Back on home soil…I’v always wanted to say that

The last couple of days have been a very slow arrival of my mind and spirit back to Cape Town. I always underestimate the time it takes to adjust to being back home. Travelling has become so easy and fast that I hold the belief that it takes quite some time for the rest of me to join me after my body has arrived somewhere.

It also surprises me how emotional coming home is. Even though it was a short 10 day trip (which was filled with activities which could be done over a month!), landing in Cape Town and seeing the mountain again makes me feel a deep dancing joy and pride (almost as though I sculpted the mountain myself!).

I am still in the process of unpacking my experience and have been doing some writing about some things I have come to realise about travelling. This will be shared soon.

Unpacked reflections

Unpacked reflections

There will also be a post where I post an “image of the day” for each of my days away and links to the posts I wrote on the day in question. I wanted to give you some time and space to breathe as I’m sure you will miss Liesbet! I’m trying to be sensitive here okay?

It feels good to be blogging here again, surprisingly strange but good.

A few minutes ago, I discovered this video. It made me so happy. I literally wanted to join these guys and dance. This reminds me, I need some fresh dance moves. But how busy was I before leaving that I totally missed this? I love South Africa.

You like?
Love from @TheDidiness


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