This is the end

Or not … It can also be a new beginning as in: “Liesbet à Paris after her trip to South Africa”.

I am here once more on Didi’s blog where I wrote the last two weeks about my adventures and experiences in South Africa. I adored everything I did: from the citytripping in Capetown, the Cape Peninsula, the big 5 day Garden Route Roadtrip, the winetasting and the township experience.

The last day, Simon took me to one of the Seven Wonders: Table Mountain. The first day was too cloudy and too misty to climb it. But today, it was perfect:

After that, we went for another Simon’s whistle tour through Capetown (now we had better luck with the weather):

And then, we headed off to the airport with a quick stop at Mount Nelson Hotel (very chique hotel, with a very long entranceway and a kind of colonial building/interior style) for a cup of tea. How to end my 10 days in South Africa in style 🙂

To the airport

Now, I am in Paris. 3000 pictures later, with even more memories stored in my head, thinking of all the people I met and all the stories I heard. All this makes from this trip, this experience one giant lovely moment. A moment I would like to continue sharing with you. I didn’t always have the time to write more about my personal experiences, but now I am back, I have the time to reflect on certain things. The next days/weeks, on my blog “Liesbet à Paris“, I will continue writing about my reflections and my journey in South Africa.

So here I say goodbye!

Thanks Didi for sharing your blog and your readers with me!

Dear readers, thanks for following my stories. But it is not over: from now on, you can follow the rest of it on Liesbet à Paris.

You are all more than welcome!

Oh yeah: and of course a big thank you to Hostelling International and Hostelling International South Africa, Hotspots2c, Bazbus and all the hostels I stayed in for this wonderful experience.

What I will write about:

– reviews on the hostels I stayed in

– some videos I made

– my experience in the township

– the travelling experience

– …


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