Winetasting in South Africa

Setting: sitting on my room with a magnificent view on Table Mountain, using some “spare time” to post some blogs. I just came back from the bar to get something to eat (pizza or burger or a specialty of the house or something else, there is so much choice! I chose a tropical pizza). Working on my blog now and probably returning to the bar afterwards.

Today: This morning, the mini-bus of Wine Flies picked me up at Ashanti. This is so amazing about the tours in and around Capetown: you book the tour, and the day you wnat, they pick you up at your hostel for a new adventure. This time: Winetasting in the Stellenbosch Mountains (other wine regions “Franschhoek” and “Constantia”), where the Dutch (Jan van Riebeeck) started bottling wine on a warm Sunday in 1659.

To put up the decor, some views on the vineyards (landscapes, again, I know: but it is so beautiful :)):

Just to give an idea: In Stellenbosch, there are 250 wine producers, in whole South Africa 500. There are 110.000 ha of vineyards and 400.000 people are employed during the harvesting period.

The Stellenbosch region (and a little bit of me):


The confession

Before I continue my story, I have to confess something. I am a Belgian girl, from Belgium (beeeeer) . I live in France (wiiiiine). But I don’t drink that much alcohol. I am more an “occasional drinker”. I adore champagne. Wine is once in awhile. Beer, no, I don’t like the taste of it.

Buuut, when you are in South Africa, and you see all those vineyards around Capetown, and you know that those wines have a good reputation, that many of them already won prices, then is a winetasting tour one of the things that you definitely have to put on your bucket list! And because I want to discover as much as possible of the country I am exploring. So, here we gooooo

The biggest farm: Fairview

First stop: Fairview. The biggest and most commercial farm of our winetasting and wineroute. Huge vineyards, a big winetasting hall with personal advice from wine experts and 6 different wines you can chose out of their variety of wines.

They even have a cheese shop with homemade cheeses. During the winetasting, you can walk around in the shop and try the wines with the cheeses and the cheeses with the wine. Mmmmm. And you can buy as much as you want.

Fyi: the wines I tasted

The MCC and Family farm: Muratie

The Quoi? MCC stands for Méthode Cap Classique or sparkling wine (champagne without mentioning it :)). A little farm where you feel that the family history has a very important place in the company. The history goes back to the 17th century when the Dutch started their wine farms in the area. One big fact in their history is the story of the German soldier “Laurens Campher” who fell in love with a slave girl named Ansela van de Caab. His love was so big he walked the 64 km between Capetown and Stellenbosch to see her. The rest of the story is on the back of each bottle:

IMG_1046The farm:

And the wines I tasted

The Braaifarm: Middelvlei

And suddenly, it was lunchtime. And as by coincidence, a braaimaster was preparing a delicious braai at the next wine farm: Middelvlei. So, we enjoyed a lekker braai! (me love braai). Of course: with wines.

After this break, we left for …

The smallest farm of South Africa: Lovane

2,5 ha. That is the size of their vineyards. They only sell their wine on their property. A small farm, with great wine.

The farm with the famous owner: Annandale

As I already mentioned in an earlier post, rugby is an important sport in South Africa. A former rugby-player of South Africa owns this winefarm. And everything in the farm breaths wine and/or rugby :).

I had a great day with Wine Flies! It was cool! I started to appreciate more and more the art of winetasting, of smelling, of sipping, of savouring, and of drinking wine.

And then, back to Capetown, back to Table Mountain, back to Ashanti! Thanks Wine Flies and Louwrence, our guide!

IMG_1039There was also this today. A chameleon! My first one in the wild! Totally green sitting on a plant, he started trying imitate the colour of the hand once he sat on it :).

DSCN5191The film studios in Capetown

IMG_1015Sunset above Table Mountain and Capetown

IMG_1108See you tomorrow!!!


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