Last Day of the Garden Route Tour

Setting (date = Friday 14.06.2013): The Hotspots bus just dropped me of at the Ashanti Lodge in Capetown. I checked in in my room and I am on my way to the bar.

Today: the last 500 kilometers back to Capetown. Early this morning, 7 am, I first had a call with a Belgian radiostation about my Big Blog Experience for so far.

After my moment of glory, we hit the road again, for the last time with Hotspots and for the last time on the Garden Route. I would like to thank – again I know – our guide Xennie for riding the whole trip, what corresponds to a 1500 kilometer ride. And for the fact that he even wiped the windows of the car so we had a better view on the beautiful landscapes of South Africa, and we had pictures without spots or African insects sticking on the windows :). What a luxury!

Before we arrived at Capetown, we stopped for a little walk. Just a normal little Friday morning walk, with some kittens.

The more we approached Capetown, the more the weather became rainy and misty and not longer as sunny as during our week. We stopped at a company that makes Aloe Ferox, ate a bit for the road and continued our last hundred kilometers to Capetown.

In Capetown, I arrived at the Ashanti Lodge hostel, checked in in my room, got a little drink and discovered Capetown’s nightlife with Grant, one of the crew-members of Ashanti. After a pizza – unfortunately, the kitchen was already closed, so no burger – at Van Hunks, we took the plunge into nightlife at Long Street, the place to be if you are in for a good party or some drinks (fyi: Long Street is becoming more and more a touristical party area, locals who are in for a lekker drink with friends or a party move to Kloof Street). I had a nice chat, a cool evening and I discovered the nightlife part of Capetown. Thanks Grant for being my guide this evening and for showing me some party places in CT :). Had a nice time!


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