The last evening

No worries, I am not flying home yet.

It was the last evening of the 5 day Garden Route Tour I made wit Hotspots. I didn’t make this tour alone. No, we were 7. Xenny, the awesome guide of Hotspots2c who knows South Africa like the back of his hand. There were the 3 Pink Ladies (3 Dutch women) Carline, Gerdien & Hannie. Carline had finished a sort of internship in Capetown and now they were making a roadtrip through South Africa (to trace back their roots, as a child G & H lived for 6 years in S.A.). And finally Freddie & Trixi: two German youngsters who had finished some weeks of volunteering (in a township and a national park) and who used this week to discover the Garden Route. And there was me.

I had a great time, and I would like to thank them all for the past 5 days, the discussions in the bar, the funny moments in the car and the fact that the 3 Dutch people didn’t make jokes about the Belgians (little thing that Belgians and Dutch people usually do). I would also like to thanks Xenny, who made this incredible week even better with his enthusiasm and small facts. We could ask everything, he had (a sort of :)) answer to everything.

So, that last evening:

We went to the beach for sunset

and a springbokkie = amarulo + mint !!!!!! (baie lekker!)

After this appetizer, we made it ourselves comfortable next to the campfire, in front of the braai and surrounded by tens of American students. We already met them at the Cango Caves, a day later at the Tsitsikamma Forest, and now in our hostel!

While we were eating, a local gumboot dancers group gave us a performance.

And here a little idea of the gumboot dancing in real life:

And then some last beautiful shots to make the evening perfect:

the moon


one of the “wish balloons” of the Americans, flying away

DSCN5103Thanks Hotspots! Thanks Xenny! Thanks Hi South Africa for making this all possible! And thanks Hostelling International.


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