Ziplining! And hiking! And braai! And amazing landscapes

Sorry for the exclamation marks, but it is wonderful to hike through this country. Didi: beautiful land you are living in, little bit jealous.

Setting: I am sitting in a bar (again, I hear you say). No worries: it is just the central place of the hostel where everything takes place. And today there is a lot: a lekker braai (I love that thing!!!!) with some gumboot dancers giving all they have. Pictures definitely tomorrow. A little preview:

Today: a great day. One of the many highlights of this tour, and a personal highlight for me: I was really looking forward to it = the Tsitsikamma Waterfall Zipline: it is like a couple of deathrides/tyroliennes (or hanging at a rope and sliding from the one side to the other), the one after the other and this in an amazing landscape! I enjoyed it: doing outdoor stuff above waterfalls (beside a landscape/roadtripping-addict, I am also a waterfall-freak, and a mountain-geek, and a hiking-lover: they drive me a little bit crazy)!

There are some pictures, yeah, and even a little movie one of the guides made. Enjoy: (but to be honest, it is much more beautiful in real life!). And more photos will follow on my Google+ Account and Facebookpage

Then we started roadtripping again via the “Tsitsikamma National Park” (lovely name isn’t it?) where we made a supercool hike to the Stormsriver mouth. It was astonishing and awesome: the pictures will give you a glimpse of Mother Nature’s beauty. I could have stayed there for hours! The Indian Ocean, the waves, the landscape, the setting … Aaaaaah! Just me and the world … and 4 other members of my group, and two tourists and a bird.

We picked up one of the members of our group, at the Bungy Jump and we roadtripped further to “Knysna”, before arriving at our hostel “Afrovibe”. More about the hostel tomorrow, I am going to enjoy the gumboop dancing. It is also the last evening with the cool guide and the other (also cool) members of the Hotspots2c group I am travelling with, so I am going to socialise with them :).

Tomorrow more news about the hostel (Afrovibe) and about our Hotspotsgroup. And of course, this trip has also had some “influences” on me, has given me some interesting views on the country. I will post them later, when I have some time to reflect and to write everything down.

Have a nice evening!


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