Setting: I’m sitting in a bar, in the middle of the Tsitsikamma Forest, and I just come back from a free (!) star gazing tour, with the great guide Denny from the Tsitsikamma Backpackers Hostel.


Today: this morning, after the superbe sunrise, we hit the road again for a roadtrip to Addo Elephant National Park.

And there we started our “game drive” / a safari. This was so cool: we drove through the park with our Hotspots-bus. I could spot all the animals I saw until now only in the zoo, on documentaries or in some cartoons (Lion King, Madagascar, … don’t laugh :)) in real life! This may sound sillybut for me as a Belgian girl this is cool. The nature in South Africa is so great and it is amazing how they deal with it, how they preserve the endangered animals and how they try to conserve everything. The love and respect for nature and animals is remarkable.

Enjoy some of the pictures I took in Addo Elephant Park, starring: Marty from Madagascar, Pumba from the Lion King, Dumbo from Dumbo and a lot of other ones 🙂


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