The story of a t-shirt: a way to change the world

I like to meet people during my travelling. I like to hear about their wishes, way of living and philosophy. I am openminded: it is not because your way of seeing things isn’t the same as mine, that we cannot be friends.
I also like to learn, to absorp their experiences, life hacks, way of dealing with things.
In fact, this is also what this whole competition is about. Changing the world using the power of blogs. And I think, that changing the world starts by/with yourself.

One of my contributions to this idea, is a tshirt.
And what better than the white BBE-Exchange T-Shirt.

I ask everyone I meet and who learnt me something (directly or indirectly) to write their name on it. And so, I create an itinerary.

An itinerary of people I meet through my journey. An itinerary of minds/ideas that can collaborate … to change one day the world.

This story will only end the day I leave South Africa. Then it will become a memory and a great souvenir to my journey.

1. The t-shirt: a blank sheet

DSCN3921 2. First dinner in Capetown with Simon (the cool guy of HI South Africa) and a friend of his Charmien. Having dinner with two lovely locals, who share their experiences and their love for their country. Thanks for the evening!


3. I wanted to add a picture of a T-shirt with the names of the Backpack crew. They gave me a wonderful welcome in their hostel, and took me – and other guests of the hostel – out to a shebeen. Hope that I can pass by this weekend at their hostel to fulfill my story.

4. Liz (Elisabeth), girl I met on the Bazbus during our Peninsula Tour. She is from the UK, has worked for two years in Australia, was travelling through Africa and returning to the UK. Went that night with her to the shebeen.


5. The crew of the Island Vibe at Jeffrey’s Bay for their nice hostel and their awesome welcome! Because, yes, surfing is a lifestyle 🙂


6. The crew of the Afrovibe. Great hostel, great view on the ocean and the ideal place for our last night of the Garden Route Tour: Braai, campfire and gumboot dancing (community project).


7. Xenny: the guide from Hotspots2c, who showed us the Garden Route, who was always positive, enthusiastic and a great guide. And ooh yeah, his device: start the day with “Hello beautiful world!” I love the words he put on my T-shirt!


8. The 3 Pink Ladies: the 3 Dutch ladies (2 sisters and a daughter) who travelled through South Africa looking for their roots/6 years of their life (the 2 sisters), or just for holidays (all the 3 + the daughter who just finished sort of an internship in Capetown).


9. Trixi, a German youngster who wanted to travel once she graduated at 18. And so, she did. She went to South Africa, to volunteer in a township with Xhosa kids. Great! (And Freddie, same age, who volunteered in a national park)



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