The Backpack

spent my first 2 nights at the Backpack in Capetown. A huge hostel (about 90 people can sleep here), but you wouldn’t say that it is that crowded. There are a lot of lounges, common places to sit and hang around that you don’t have the feeling to be overwhelmed by all the people.

This is a … cooooool … hostel. Not only for the facilities, but also for their philosophy.

So, if you are planning to come to South Africa because all my adventures gave and give you travel vibes, just book a room at The Backpack

The room

I had a very warm welcome at the reception, Pimrose checked me in and showed me around in the hostel and gave me the keys to this great room.

On the photos: Pimrose and Lee (the owner of the hostel):

DSCN3908 DSCN3909I am so honored to have a room for me. Amazing view, amazing decoration (theme = Nelson Mandela), bathroom for myself. I stood there fore some moments with my backpack on my back looking at all the wonderful details of my room, until Simon told me I could take off my backpack…

Other facilities

And that is not all. This hostel has also a great swimming pool (refreshing in summer, little bit too refreshing now), a pool table, terrace with infrared lamps for when it’s cold in winter (like now), kitchen, lockers and safes, an amazing view on Table Mountain and a shop where they sell products of community projects.

The bar: meeting place, where you can enjoy sandwiches, soupe, other snacks and meet other people around the fireplace.

The hostel hosts a fair trade travel agency. How cool is that. You can have a very nice accommodation and book tours or other cool activities in and around Capetown.

Community projects

The backpack supports a lot of community projects. I find this a wonderful idea. They are supporting scholarity programs, and other projects that help to keep the children from the street. So if you stay at the hostel, or you are just passing by, don’t hesitate to support them in their community projects … (I brought some school material, everything is welcome :))

Nice details of the hostel

Conclusion: I adored/loved/liked my stay in this hostel. It were my first nights in Capetown, and it was a nice welcome to this city. Everybody is in a relaxed mood, helping you in a professional way, and ready to talk with you and to share their stories.

If I come back to South Africa one of the next years, then I’ll certainly return to this hostel. I’ve slept in a lot of hostels until now (all of them in Europe, but in different places), and I think that I can say that this hostel is a luxe-hostel. It looks even more like a cosy hotel where everyone welcomes you with open arms.

@ The Backpack crew, and to Lee: thanks for giving me a nice time in your hostel!


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