11.06: BBE-fun with Hotspots, Elephants, Caves and an Ocean

Setting: I am sitting in a bar from a supercool hostel and I am surrounded by a group of surfers watching a soap, by drying wetsuits and surfboards. I have – if it were daytime and it were light – a spectacular view on the beach and the Indian Ocean (much warmer than the Atlantic at Capetown), and there is a nice bar where you can order cocktails, other drinks and even pizza. This is a lekker strandhostel! Really. I am in Jeffrey’s Bay, a surfer’s paradise. And I am wearing sandals and a T-shirt, there is a nice summerevening breeze (even it is winter here). What a difference with the two sweaters, the fireplace and the fleece I was wearing yesterday! This is also cosy, but in a different way.

Today. Breakfast at 7.30,

leaving at 8.30 right to a game lodge for one of the highlights of these week (ok, to be hones, everything I am doing this week is so cool, but this was one of the many I was really looking forward too).

Enjoy the pictures: during the 5 dag Garden Route Tour with Hotspots, I am now riding elephants in a scenic landscape (like you see it in the brochures and sites about South Africa: it is real :)), feeding elephants, photographing elephants, enjoying hippos …

Then we drove to the Cango Caves. In these caves you can go for a normal visit with an explanation of the chambers, stalactites etc, or the adventure tour where a guide leads you through some small caves where you have to crawl under, through, over, between the caves. You can guess two times what I choose :). The adventure tour was really cool. Some of the pictures give you an idea of the hight/width of the holes we had to go through.

After this thrilling experience (you lived the whole cave in a total other way, because you had to touch and feel and hold it where you could), we continued our roadtrip for a 3 hour drive from Oudtshoorn to Jeffrey’s Bay.

And yes, I cannot longer hide it: I am a landscape-addict, a mountain freak. When we are roadtripping, I try to enjoy and capture as much as possible of the beauty that Mother Nature gives us. It makes you feel so small when you see what grows and exists on the world.

The hostel

In Jeffreys’ Bay, we went for a lovely beachwalk by sunset before checking in in the wonderful HI-hostel “Island vibes”. This is a real surfers’ paradise, it is on the beach, you can rent wetsuits and boards and get surflessons.

The lovely crew (with the two Freddies and Ben) of this Hostel gave us a great tour through their little paradise, with view on the beach and the ocean. You really felt they like the surfers’ way of life and they are proud of the hostel. Thank you guys! I will be spending a wonderful night in your hostel!

P.s. This cool trip is made possible by the Big Blog Exhange and Hostelling South Africa. I really invite you to vite their page and to vote for me.


– Enjoying my adventures with Hotspots2c? Just go to their website and choose the tour you’d like to do!

– I am staying in Island Vibe @ Jeffrey’s Bay: wooow!


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