The shebeen

The she-what?

Sunday evening I went with some staff and guests from the Backpack to a shebeen.

For those who haven’t already checked Wikipedia or other sites :): “A shebeen … was originally an illicit bar or club where excisable alcoholic beverages were sold without a licence.” … “In modern South Africa, many “shebeens” are now fully legal.”

In fact, a shebeen is a bar in a township. Originally, only black people went to these bars, but now everyone is invited: so you see black and white people, and everyone mixes up with everyone. 

This shebeen “Amadoda” (in Woodstock) is the place to be when you are in for meeting new people, a braai (ooooh yyyeah), dancing and tribal house (music genre).

More photos on my FB page “Liesbet à Paris”, and my Google+ Account.

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