Monday: Route 62

Setting: sitting next to a fireplace in The Backpackers Paradise, watching a game of baseball, a little wintercold is sneaking through the door, so I will hurry before I freeze (even if I can walk around during the day in tshirt, nights are really cold. And even if I am living in the north (if you can call Belgium the north), it is cold for me too :p).

Today, Monday began my 5 day garden route tour. I left Capetown this morning at 7 am, so I had to be packed and ready at 7 am, what is very early (and becomes even more early if you know, I’ve been blogging until 2 am this night. The wifi was working well, so I took advantage of it). This means: waking up at 6 am, autch!

But, what I get in return is really cool. You need to know: I love roadtripping. Most of the voyages my boyfriend and I do, are roadtrips. The freedom of driving through a breathtaking landscape, of stopping where you will, of visiting things if you want to … Aaaaaah.

Day 1 of my Garden Route Tour

I will be roadtripping, doing cool outdoor activities, enjoying the Garden Route with Hotspots2c.

You know, there is Route 66 known by everyone, but that’s so overrated :). Route 62 is much cooler. I bought some biltong for the road (strippes of meat dried in the sun, you chew on it).

and we started our first 450 km. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscapes:

We lunched at Ronnies Sex Shop (originally Ronnies Shop, a little farmer’s shop, until the moment his friends added the word “sex” and people driving by stopped to see what’s inside …:)). Nice marketing trick.

Our destination was Oudtshoorn, a place that gets temperatures until 45°-50° in summer, and where you can find an ostrich farm and the Cango Wildlife Ranch.

After the ostriches, we went for a guided tour in the Cango Wildlife Ranch:

I consider it as a preview of the safari that I will be doing one of these days.

Little word to Didi:

Dear Didi

I think I am falling in love with your country. I love the wintersun (let’s don’t talk about the cold nights), the beauty of your nature, the variety of your landscapes, the nice people, the kindness of everyone I met until now. Cannot wait to continue my exploration of your country.

It is really opening my eyes (I’ll explain it later)


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