09.06: A lekker day with my chommies from Bazbus


Setting: sitting in the bar of The Backpackers, watching a game of football, and working on my blog about Sunday (I know we are Monday, but it is a quite intense experience, so I am working on it :)). Imagine that it is Sunday.

The Sunday blog. And that Sunday morning, 7 am, breakfast at The Backpackers. At such an early hour, it is hard for me to eat Boerewors and other delicious meat, so I choose for one of the other breakfast possibilities: omelette, plain toast, French toast, freshly baked pastries, fresh fruit, porridge … (won’t sum everything up, just go and enjoy). You can go for a normal breakfast, or take a brunch-styled one!

IMG_0289I needed my breakfast, because that day, I found a Cape Peninsula Tour on my HI South Africa-BBE planning. That morning, the Bazbus picked me up at my hostel (they do this with everyone who participates at the tour) and we left for a discovery of the Cape Peninsula.

Bazbus and our guide!

For fun:


I am still enjoying our daytrip. I can talk hours about it, but honestly, I will let the pictures tell the story. And even then you have to be aware of the fact that these are still photos, and that in real life, it is even better!

Oh, first another word about the day concept: you are picked up at your hostel (handy!!), in the price are included: cake and coffee, lunch, bikes, entrance fees for the parks, an enthusiastic guide and a supercool driver who bring you everywhere with a big smile. They even add relevant/historical/cultural/interesting information about the places you are driving through. It was a great experience. And there was one big rule: no African time today … (do I need to explain? No offense he :))

And seriously: do they call this winter?

We drove to Houtsbaai where we could walk along the fishers’ market and see some crafts, or jump on a boat to admire the Fur Seals Colony. And I did the last, under a great sun and a blue sky!

After that, via Chapman’s Peak to Boulder’s Beach for these little cute ones: …

Then, in true sporty style with a bike to Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point.

OMG: I had a great day. After a rainy day, I had stuffed my backpack with a jacket, a raincoat, a sweater … I didn’t need them! The weather was fine, the group was nice, the guide was cool. And the nature! Just amazing! I love being in nature, surrounded by green, amazing landscapes and views. And this tour was amazing: it offers you a great view on the variety of South Africa.

It was hard to select just some photos, but you can find the full selection on my Google+ or Liesbet a paris facebook page.

That night, I had a crazy night at a shebeen.

A “she-wat”?. A shebeen. But more of that later, in order to create some tension … 🙂


– The Bazbus doesn’t only do day tours, they also offer more day tours and are an oftenly used shuttleservice between hostels. And they are coooool!


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