Crazy, Busy, Beautiful!

This is the summary of my life these last few weeks. I have been privileged enough to be one of the co-founders or 100in1day Cape Town! A journey that has brought me even closer to my purpose and has reminded me what is possible when a group of dedicated people work together towards a common goal. I am utterly astounded by the power of citizen-driven, owned and powered initiatives. To me they are the key to a better way of working. This way every single one of us can work at making the places we live more wonderful places to live whilst working on the specific areas each individual or group most feels called to work on! Truly incredible. I also believe that the time of sitting back and waiting for solutions to come from exterior sources is long gone and we are now being invited to take action in building the kind of world we would love our grandchildren to live in.

100 dreams

Here is a video of the festival of doing which took place on Saturday the 25th of May all over the city of Cape Town! It has to be mentioned that this video was shot, edited and showed on the same day! How Epic?

100IN1DAY, MAY 25TH, CAPE TOWN from Rune Toldam on Vimeo.

And here is a video interview on a popular local breakfast show here in South Africa (Expresso Breakfast Show). I was so sleepy and dazed in this interview. I had to be up at 4 am and it was also the day I went to apply for my visa for my trip to Belgium with The Big Blog Exchange and also the day I hosted my weekly blogging workshops in Makhaza with these lovely students who are part of IkamvaYouth.

If you are in Cape Town (or will be in the near future) and wanting to join the team, send me an email at

Facebook – Click Here

Twitter – @100in1daycpt

Webpage – Click Here

Love from @TheDidiness


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