100in1day Cape Town – A template for all cities!


I am deeply involved with a project called 100in1day Cape Town, originally started in Bogota Colombia last year and quickly spreading to over 7 other countries including South Africa and Denmark.

100in1day Cape Town is a festival of doing which invites the citizens of Cape Town to co-create the most beautiful, most liveable city of our dreams through actions (called interventions) on the 25th of May!

Feel free to read more about why it is important to me – over at the Kaospilot Cape Town website over here.

Yesterday we did a radio interview (which I did on behalf of 100in1day Cape Town)

I was so nervous leading up to it as I found out only an hour before and had to run around looking for a quiet spot to take the call. I ended up in a small little bar off of Harrington street, the lady there was sweet and super accommodating when I asked if she could turn down the music so I could take the call! Luckily I was the only patron at that time of the day!

Here it is.

I will be posting more and more as we get closer to the action day on Saturday 25th May!


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