I’ve made it!! I won! Thank you!

Wow, it’s times like these when my life seems totally unreal… I’ve won!

Thank you to every single one of you for taking the time out to vote for me and for all the encouragement that has fuelled me to enter and to try my best to make it to this very spot that I find myself it! Wow!


I’m beyond happy and excited!

Here are the other winners

Jeremy Fowler (Canada) – Link to his blog

Kisty Mea (Singapore) – Link to her blog

Camie Juan (Phillipines) – Link to her blog

Rafael, Luíza e Natália (Brazil) – Link to his blog

Liesbet Maroye (Beligium) – Link to her blog

Rosario Lamastra (Argentina) – Link to her blog

Katherine Kearsley (New Zealand) – Link to her blog

Andy Andersen (United States) – Link to his blog

Chee Ching (Malaysia) – Link to blog

Nitzan Arad (Israel) – Link to her blog

Audur Osp – and the travelling elf 🙂 (Iceland) – Link to her blog

Claire (France) – Link to her blog

Sara Rodriguez (Spain) – Link to her blog

Sophie Roberts (United Kingdom) – Link to her blog

Tina (Germany) – Link to her blog

When I entered I promised myself to be completely open to going wherever I am sent… I can feel myself already having preference of where I would like to go. Isn’t it funny how unpredictable we are! I will stay to my vow of staying open and experiencing all that this competition has to offer! Shall I eat strange creatures on this journey as I said I would should I go to a country with such? Yes. It’s all part of staying open!

Thank you everyone!

Stay tuned to see where I will be sent. The draw takes place in 4 hours 24 minutes


6 thoughts on “I’ve made it!! I won! Thank you!

  1. Congratulations Didintle ..
    you deserve it.. 🙂 wish you`ll have a nice trip and keep in touch with us to tell your adventures 🙂
    Good luck..!

    Greeting from egypt

  2. Congrats! I cant say I am not a tiny bit jealous, but If I compare your blog to mine I can totally see why you should represent South Africa in this competition. Enjoy it so much, you deserve it for sure. I will follow the posts of your adventure religiously.

    Be safe.


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