An open letter to Liesbet Maroye (My fellow blog-swapper!)

Dear Liesbet,

South Africa welcomes you with open arms!

I noticed earlier in the contest that you really wanted to come over here, glad that this has happened, thank you for seeing my blog and liking it and picking it as one of your favourites while we were still in the top 100 stages! You really have a feeling for these things eh!

Our reasons for starting our blogs are very similar which is the beautiful thing about this partnership (may I call it that?)

I remember some time back, watching the movie β€œIn Bruges” and wanting so badly, with every single aching bone in my body, to be there and to feel that tiny beautiful city. To step back in time and to be amazed and fed by the lovely architecture! It seems that aching craving will now take a hike.

Tell me more about your home-country will you?

My country is a roller-coaster ride, beautiful, ugly, happy, sad, infuriating, motivational. A place of contrasts!

I really look forward to seeing what you see and if we see the same things.

This is going to be a lovely opportunity for both of us.

The more I think of it is the more I feel connected to you and our common reason for starting our blogs.

How are you feeling? What will you pack? (I can help you with a packing list if you like!)

What should I pack? What should be on my I-definitely-need-to-see-this-and-experience-this list?

Do me a favour. Stop for a second and take a deep breath, look around you and feel it – a pat on the back from the universe. You DESERVE this. This is no mistake, but fate in action.

Love and hugs and rays of sunshine from the Southern tip of Africa!


P.S: Let’s have a skype date over some coffee soon?mission16


11 thoughts on “An open letter to Liesbet Maroye (My fellow blog-swapper!)

    • Hi Camie or should I rather say wild spirit πŸ˜‰ (Love it!)
      Glad you got your top option! Yes, South Africa is quite a place, I’m sure you will find a way to make it over here at some point on your journey!
      Looking forward to more interaction and hearing how you find Germany.~
      And… WELL DONE on making it!!

    • Hi Tina!
      Thank you!
      Enjoy the Phillipines! I had a few friends from YIP ( go there for their internship and they had the time of their lives and returned with the most beautiful photos of the islands over there.

    • Thanks Cale!
      I’ve been spending some time on your blog and have fallen in love with your “sick tunes” especially Kongos – Traveling on. What a beautiful song and fitting video! I’ll definitely be stopping by your blog as well as Kombi Nation’s
      viva la eargasm page a lot more often.
      If you’re ever in Cape Town we should have a “sick tunes swap” or perhaps we could do one over our blogs?!

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    • I left a reply on your lovely blog post πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the trust!
      If we’re ever in the same city we should have a chit chat over some tea and biscuits! Are you in Johannesburg? I might be there soon, otherwise, I’m planted in the Cape, so come on over!

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