I’m giving birth!

I don’t know what giving birth is like, but I definitely feel that I am giving birth right now, a slow, often painful, exhausting, but overwhelmingly, beautifully, rewarding experience.

My baby? The Travelling Speech Bubble… something that has been conceived, developed and is now ready to see the light of day!

You may ask yourself what exactly The Travelling Speech Bubble is and why I have been so silent lately! Well, the last couple of days have been a whirlwind of ticking things off of my (seemingly neverending) to-do-list. You see, I have been running around preparing for my first ever fundraiser (poster below) for my project “The Travelling Speech Bubble” which is aimed at celebrating free-expression as well as the resilience of the human spirit.

Fundraising Poster - To print

This is done by hosting blogging workshops , public-speaking workshops as well as story-telling workshops. At some stage we will invite some other people passionate about their craft to share their knowledge (but one step at a time) for now we are focusing on BLOGGING workshops which I offer to a group of young under-resourced participants.

The words constantly running through my mind are CHANGING THE WORLD ONE BLOG AT A TIME, ONE STORY AT A TIME, ONE STEP AT A TIME. These words help me breath and keep going.

The fundraiser I have been organising is there to ensure that all participants are able to attend the workshops without the barrier of finances (or the lack there-of), the workshop includes a lunch pack with lovely, healthy treats and a rather firm grasp on the world of blogging. The aim is to encourage blogging as a form of telling stories, sharing realities as well as connecting with other like-minded people regardless of their geographic situation! How wonderful?!

Not only will the fundraiser fund the blogging workshops, it will also contribute towards the production of the web-series which is a conversation style interview with an ordinary person doing extra-ordinary things in this world followed by an uninterrupted music session!

The pilot episode of the web-series will be seen for the first time by the public this Friday. How exciting?!

It feels strangely beautiful, to have all these ideas and dreams that have lived in my mind and heart come out of me and into the world…

Here’s a video for 100in1day Cape Town (when The Travelling Speech Bubble  was merely in the dream state) … I’m the LOUD one with the red liptsick!

In other news! I have been playing voice-over artist in the making of this introduction of 100in1day Cape Town! (See below) So much exciting work!

If you are by some lovely series of events find yourself in Cape Town – tonight at 6pm on 36 Buitenkant Street, we are hosting yet another gathering for 100in1day Cape Town where we will work on turning our dreams into reality for actions on the 25th of May! Come! Here’s the link to the facebook event.

And forever on my mind is The Big Blog Exchange which I wish I could post updates about from my mind directly to my blog!! A page dedicated to the contest and my thoughts on it!



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