I’m a finalist! Big Blog Exchange!

The news is in, I have made it to be 1 of the top 100 finalists in The Big Blog Exchange contest. I’m elated. I have been practically living on The Big Blog Exchange website since I decided to enter. It was my best friend for the past couple of days and nights! Literally having breakfast, lunch and dinner with the contest in my face! All worth it though.

Thank you to every single one of you for voting and taking time to be part of it and getting your friends and family involved and thank you for all the encouraging words about how this blog has affected and contributed to your life! It feels good and keeps me going.

I have decided to create a page for The Big Blog Exchange where I have basically condensed my motivation for entering and why I want to win. Here is that page!

The contest has really gotten me thinking loads about the position South Africa holds in the continent. It has had me a little restless to be honest.

Here’s why – there were 25 potential spots for bloggers from Africa & The Middle East and South Africans have taken up 19 of those spots, the rest are occupied by 1 entrant from Nigeria, 2 entrants from Israel, 1 from Morrocco and 1 from Egypt (this is in no particular order).

This has left me questioning, tossing, turning and wondering, “Are South Africans the bullies of Africa?”

Furthermore, I am concerned about the diversity that is offered (rather, hindered) by the overwhelming number of South African entrants whom have made it to the top 25 (for the region of Africa & The Middle East). Hmmmm…

I’m happy I have made it to the top 100, however I am disturbed and am left with more questions about South Africa as a nation and it’s people in relation to the rest of the continent.


6 thoughts on “I’m a finalist! Big Blog Exchange!

    • Thank you!! You blew my mind! A sea of votes – highly impressive! Well done 🙂
      I’m curious on your thoughts about us Saffa’s and the position we hold on the continent…?

  1. Congrats on being a finalist! I definitely saw that there were a bunch of people from South Africa. I wish you the best, don’t be overwhelmed! Just be happy that you got the chance to participate.

    Cheers from Louisiana,

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