Vote! Pray! Love!

Friends! Fans! Family! and everyone in between!

I need your votes, your prayers and love πŸ™‚

Click this link and vote.

There are 6 days left before the deadline on the 15th of April for the blog contest I entered 2 days ago. After that round 2 begins (we’ll deal with round 2 if round 2 rolls round for us! Which I hope it does!)

Voting takes less than a minute! Pinky-Promise (you know I take those seriously!)

Psssssttt… please forward the link to your neighbours (yes), mom-in-law (yes), mom, dad, your brother’s best friend’s girlfriend (yes), your dog-groomer (yes), the postman! You get the point eh.

For all your efforts, you get to watch me make a fool of myself (as usual) riding an ostrich. Yes, I know.

P.S: My laptop crashed 5 times while I tried to upload the logo, so, no Big Blog Exchange logo then 😦

I tried!

P.S: Correction on my previous entry. The prize is not literally a life swap. I just like calling it that! It is actually a country swap and blog swap! Equally exciting!

Now go vote!


5 thoughts on “Vote! Pray! Love!

  1. hey D,i voted(well i think i voted,not good with computer),and know i’m hooked to your blog website thingy.goodluck

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