The secret to a happy existence

My life has someone hovering over it, this being sprinkles magic dust on my path and me and the people I meet. Nope, this is not the beginning sentence to a new short story I am writing. It is something I have been feeling for a very long time.

As some of you know I recently resigned from my job. I did this not knowing how my rent and food costs where going to be covered. But I HAD to do it. Staying would have been a silent suicide.

Since I quit my job I have been waking up each day and doing exactly what I WANT to do (obviously within my means). I have realised that by letting go of the job and everything that came with it, I invited something that I wanted more to come into my life.

Think about it, if you are holding on to a sack of bricks and you drop them and leave them behind, you now have an extra hand to be occupied by something new.

This is precisely what my life has been like. In the past 2 months,I have met the most inspiring people, doing the most inspiring things. I have also somehow managed to tick off about 6 things on my “this-is-what-i-would-like-to-try-this-year” list. These include, surfing, longboarding, being a columnist, blogging more, event-co ordinating and the latest and most unexpected; I’m a stylist for a photographic exhibition coming up next month. None of these things are things I actively  chased. They all came knocking at my door and fell into my lap and asked if I wanted them.


Because they had the space to arrive.

People often say to me “Wow, you’re so lucky, I’m not as lucky as you are”. I want to say to everyone – It’s not about luck, it’s about listening and knowing and more importantly trusting.

Listening to your inner compass (you know which one I’m talking about, I also call it our inner elder, everyone has one, the one that guides you to all the warm spots of your life if you have ever listened to it you will know what I mean).

Knowing what is good for you and what you need in order to grow and become the best you that you can be.

Trusting that what needs to happen to see you through, will come, trusting that there is enough and that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

I walk with a belief in the law of abundance. There is enough. Scarcity is the biggest illusion of our time. It is there so that capitalism can thrive and so that we may compete (for that which does not need to be competed for, because there is enough). I stand by this with all my heart.

So the next time you get that feeling in your tummy and you have that idea that keeps you up all night. Do what you need to, to step closer to the YOU you want to be. Serving that which you wish to serve in this world. Take your pick, we all have that one or 2 things.

It’s as easy as Listen, Know, Trust.

That’s my secret. You asked! (oh and remember to say YES more often…there is a world of fulfilment that awaits beyond YES…)

* There is a little project that’s about to be born…Thanks to the energy and magic that I have had sprinkled into my life, it is finally coming closer and closer into the reality space.



9 thoughts on “The secret to a happy existence

  1. You are wise to know this at your age already! Perhaps then it concurs with my theory about age; that it’s not about how long you’ve lived but what you do with that time. I love the ‘inner elder’, awesome phrase, also in line with “what I know for sure”, if you haven’t read it: Overall I just wanted to say with this kind of attitude, you’re going far girl. The world is yours for the taking, cos you know to take only what you need. X

    • Uhuru! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. This is deeply felt, from a wise and powerful lady such as yourself, I drink these words happily 🙂

      I will have read when I’m home tonight, with a cup of tea and plate of biscuits and no distractions. Kealeboga!

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