Something to tide you over

It’s so funny how, no matter how long I have stayed away from this familiar act, it always feels so right and normal when I get down to it. It feels like home. Safe, comfortable, familiar.

Coming back to South Africa has been one confusing experience. I promise I will write more about why soon. I have been really slow in getting to meet up with friends. I’m now feeling ready to emerge from my cocoon.

I have decided to move to Cape Town – the city my soul chose as a home. To be fair one of the places my soul has chosen as a home. I think it’s safe to say that the little speck of a town called Samaipata in Bolivia is top of that list followed by Cape Town and Berlin in a happy 3rd place.

Things seem to be falling into place well, especially when I remind myself to stop stressing and worrying and to let what needs to happen happen.

What belongs to me will and can never be taken away from me, it will come into my path or I will find it despite the obstacles.

I wanted to write this to say that I am here, I am safe, I am finding my way and I will be back with more.

Some of you have asked me to send you pictures.

The BIGGEST and best news is that I have finally gotten my hair done. I feel feminine again. Dear Lord, the importance of hair!


Images by my wonderful friend Baby Cops.

I have some interesting projects up my sleeve. While I was busy filming for one of my projects, I was snapped by Michelle Oberholzer of Cinder&Skylark.

Here is the image.

Image by Michelle Oberholzer.

Furthermore a popular local television show has asked me to be a guest on their show and speak of my experiences in Sweden. They found me through doing internet¬†research. I’ve been very curious how present my online prescence really is and I suppose this answers it. I’m feeling happy, loved and in the right place. I’m surrounded by wonderful people who have my best interests at heart. I am fortunate.

I’m starting a new job (let’s call it training for now) at TRUTH (36 Buitenkant Street) a coffee roastery, lunch spot, meeting point and all round cool spot inspired by the Steam Punk fiction sub-culture and theme. It is well executed in this place I hope to soon call my workplace.

Pop by to check it out. If you want to hang out call me and we can go there before I start on Monday. My number is 079 130 7933 for my friends further afield here it is – 0027 79 130 7933. My Swedish number still works for texting (0046 76 926 7454)

See you soon!


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