Meet Lesedi – A storyteller, an Artist, A light-bearer and a phenomenal film-maker.

There are many things that inspire me in this life. And less often things that spark something in me so intensely, that I feel I can’t keep it in and I need to share it with the, whole, entire, world, and universe and this here; what I’m about to share is right UP there on the list of these goose bump-inducing news!

I met Lesedi Mogoatlhe a while ago in Cape Town and I just really digged her, I don’t know why for sure, I just know I did, we didn’t talk much at first, but inevitably we were connected by the long, complex, yet simple, web of the Cape Town social scene and friend network. When I actually spoke to her, my suspicions of amazingness were definitely confirmed. She was just as I had imagined, driven, passionate, beautiful, original, AUTHENTIC, and really hilarious.

So now I’m sitting on a couch in Oslo and again feeling lit up from inside by the project that she is a part of. You see, as some of you already know, part of my exploration on this earth includes researching ways of bringing a more true and real picture and experience of the African continent. I deeply believe that the picture and experience neeeeeeds to be brought forward by Africans themselves. This is not to say that anyone who is not African can not bring a true and useful picture onto the ever-evolving canvas, no, this is not at all what I say. What I aim to bring across here is that there has for a long time been images of the African people and the African landscape (political, environmental, socio-economic, social, financial, physical and cultural) that have been brought through into the world by people who just happen not to be African. And this has lead to some unspoken and unpainted picture of Africa and Africans, and honestly, I think that it is now time for the picture and experience to be brought across in a new way, by new people.

Lesedi, is one of those people, deeply immersed in that movement.

As part of her ever-deepening work, it comes as no surprise that she has been chosen to be part of a team of incredible young African artists, writers, photographers and film-makers embarking on a 48 day roadtrip and exploration from Lagos (Nigeria) all the way to  Lubumbashi (Congo). They will also be going through  Cameroun, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Congo (Kinshasa and Brazzaville). 

The Invisible Borders Roadtrip Project, (in my opinion) aims to shed some light on different aspects of the African landscape through music, culture, food, terrain, art, history and language.

Read more about Lesedi Mogoatlhe and the other participants in the The Invisible Borders – Trans-African Photography Project for 2012  over here and have a look at her inspiring documentation of her work and journey thus far – on her blog.

Part of my work in this life is seeing brilliance in people and trying to water it, to nurture it  and share it with the world, Lesedi is a human embodiment of much of what I admire in the human existence and experience. She is inspiring and is doing some beautiful and necessary work, so if you feel inspired to, please support her journey and this important work by spreading this fundraising page right here and support in any way possible. I will also be uploading a list of items she needs on her journey. Perhaps you feel called to donate items and not money.

Here is her fundraising video. Watch it, pass it on, like it, donate, get in touch with her directly by emailing –

Feel free (as usual) to also get in touch with me if you have any questions whatsoever,or leaving words of encouragement by responding to this as a comment below!


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