25 in Paris…!

The 15th of August was my birthday.

I spent it in Paris

I was with my dear friend Ann-Christine. She is a real gem. She found out what I wanted for breakfast the night before. I made it clear that I did NOT want a French breakfast. I wanted eggs to be part of the equation!

I woke up to this lovely spread and a birthday cake baked by the lovely friend we were staying with.


Plus my lovely friend played a little private violin concert for us while we got ready for the day…

They were kind enough to let us stay with them even though they had just come back from Brussels the day before and were moving on the day of my birthday!

So we helped them with the moving. There’s nothing like giving a little on your birthday… Off course I found some time for some photo-taking and fooling around!

Later on that night we went out for dinner in Montmartre. Which we had been wanting to visit since the day we arrived in Paris. Well, more my dear Ann-Christine. But I was more than happy to check it out.

But the most precious thing I received on my birthday had to be this compilation from my friends in Japan, Australia, Nepal and Switzerland.

Offcourse this sweet image from my dear Louisa & Merel in the Netherlands. I definitely felt the love and blessings.

Plus, I thought I should share this story (from a close friend of mine in South Africa), this is what Miss Pearl shared on my birthday….

I had such a hectic day yesterday – one of those Didi days. So I decided to take a short-cut to the client – I got lost and a drive which should have taken me 15mins took an 1hour (enjoyed the scenery!); then I eventually got to work, my 3G sim didn’t work so I try to get onto the client’s wifi only to get told that I have to be on their Domain, the IT guy locks me out of my laptop trying to get my connection sorted; so I had to drive to our offices to get my laptop unlocked – more driving; I get that sorted and drive back to the client (just great) and knock off time arrives, on my way out the estate I lose the access card which means paying R75 to replace it (was ready to make one myself at this point) and so I drive back trying to “retrace my steps”… It was just the perfect Didi Day. Happy Birthday, I love and Miss you tonnes more. CanNOT wait to have you back home:) x

I didn’t think that I would feel a real difference in myself when I turned 25, but I can honestly say that I feel that a lot has shifted and “I do feel 25”, whatever that means. I think this year holds a lot of beauty and love for me.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!


2 thoughts on “25 in Paris…!

  1. Hi Didi, I’ve just found your blog (very, very inspiring; please keep it up) through Güler. She introduced me to you in Stockholm, where we’ve spend a lovely evening (and night out ) together! Hope you’re doing well and I just wanted to say “hi” again. Wishing you a very happy (belated) birthday!

    • Hey! It’s lovely to hear from you and I’m glad you’ve found the blog and enjoy the posts 🙂 Thanks for the birthday wishes. Hope you’re doing great. xx

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