What is out there?

I’m at it again! The fire within has been ignited by this competition hosted by the SCIEF (Saudi-Spanish Center for Islamic Economics and Finance). I saw this competition for the first time while I was packing up my room and preparing to move out of the place I called home for almost a year. It was odd timing but it spoke to me and I told myself that I would revisit it once things had slowed down.

Now that I have graduated from YIP things have slowed down a teeny bit. (A post about the end of YIP will come at some point during this week)

Things have certainly slowed down quite a bit, I even went sailing on my friend Onja’s boat! I discovered a new love for sailing, although the experience today was harldy tough work compared to being out in the open, large oceans! Anyway it was a good sign that I was able to go out onto the water. That there was some time to enjoy the outdoors.

Here is my video contribution for the contest.

I hope you can help me reach the finals! I will keep you posted on how you can help.

But for now, just have a look at the simple video I put together with the help of my good ole pal Pieter.


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