Beloved Berlin and Hitch-Hiking Adventures!

<<This post was originally written and posted on my Facebook Page on 22 June 2012>>>

I’m writing this because I don’t have a camera, and so I choose to paint pictures with my words…

The past 2 days have been a confirmation of my belief that I am precisely where I need to be and I am doing precisely what I need to be doing with precisely who I am meant to be doing it with. It is all right and perfect (even the imperfections make it perfect, because they teach me something necessary – a free sculpting if you will).

Anyway me and my friend Noemi and I set off yesterday at around 6-7 pm with the BEST truck (more like a huge van) driver in the whole wide world! His name is Stijn 🙂

I swear we laughed the ENTIRE way until we got to Hamburg, we played games, sang out loud, listened to great tunes,  shared some secrets and laughed some more. He dropped us off on a prime spot in Hamburg and we tried our luck and off course we got picked up, by a Polish trucker, he was interesting and sparked me to begin writing the story of our adventure, he made me a little bit sad though. Anyhow, he dropped us in the middle of the Autobahn, we sat in the grass between the highways and enjoyed the sun until it became clear what to do next.

Offcourse a few minutes after we go up, a trucker stopped and dropped us where we could get another ride, which we did, in one of the worst places to stop for hitch-hikers, we were on the side of a highway. But we knew someone would stop, and they did and the man gave us cherries he had just picked from him village that afternoon. He dropped us at a train station, we asked someone to use their phone so we could get in touch with our friend and he di, then that very person and his friends, let us jump into the cab with them.




We went to grab a drink with them and we met up with my friend in the same square they chose to have a drink in.


My friend Goitsy and I went to school together over 10 years ago. Can you believe it?

Here we were in the football madness of Berlin re-uniting. We came to her BEAUTIFUL home which really feels like home.

We took nice long showers, we began re-capping our stories of where we had been and what we were doing, she inspired me. A great deal. Peoples’ stories do in general. But this young lady was awakening my soul to the strenght of the human spirit.

She cooked us a hearty meal, rice and a lamb stew – deliciousness and she gave Noemi all the ingredients to make her own delicious stew.We have our own room 🙂 with a futon and nice duvets and a mattress just to avoid me smacking Noemi in my sleep ha ha ha!

We took a walk to the store to get drinks and people were sitting outside on teh sidewalks with their couches watching the soccer match between Germany and Greece. As we walked to the corner store Germany scored and the streets lit up, people celebrating through their windows, fireworks going off all over the place, getting sneak peeks of big screens through the windows of the many stylish, interesting, kitschy, grungy and anything-else-you can think of kind of bars.

I felt alive.

I feel alive.

I am following the flow of the river and the whisper of the winds. I am learning to listen and let it be, because God knows what’s ahead. I trust fully that I am held in all I do. Always, no matter what.

We might be going to a dubstep party tonight but for now we’re having a couple of drinks and listening to some great music.

P.S: I know this all sounds so wishy washy, but there were some moments where we looked downright ridiculous, attempting to jump over fences beside the highway so that we could go to the other side of the highway and actually start going in the right direction, at some points we were sitting waiting for the police to come get us so they could take us into the city. It was all really funny and if we weren’t us we would have been in despair.

And did I mention that we have not yet spent a single cent so far? Thanks to beautiful kind people of this world.


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